In Case You Somehow Want Even More Civilisation...

If you somehow want even more Civilisation than what's on offer in the latest expansion for Civ V, you might be interested in reading this lengthy breakdown of XL Games' Civilisation Online MMO over at Massively.


    I'm a big fan of Civ, but this? lolno

    omg go back to school.

    CIVILIZATION, even in the pic the you have chosen it is spelled that way, you have spelled it wrong not just the once in the title but 2 more times in your pathetic article.

      He's using the British spelling. Civilisation is correct, by the English spelling. Yes, he's wrong because the GAME is called Civilization, but the spelling of the word by itself is done with either s or z. So no need to go back to school, you just need to learn to not be stupid

        +1, but to be completely fair, "Civilization" the name of the game is a proper-noun.

    Wow this looks great! I hope it has micro transactions and a subscription fee!

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