If You're Looking For A Tomb Raider FPS, Try Deadfall Adventures

Deadfall Adventures is an FPS adventure game inspired by the likes of Indiana Jones and Allan Quartermain. In it, you'll look for treasures, defuse traps, explore tombs, but most importantly — shoot Nazis.

Nordic Games says that "Deadfall Adventures is the first game in a first-person perspective that explores the Lost World and Action-Adventure genre, which was popularised through novels (like the Quatermain-novels by H. R. Haggard)". So if you've been waiting for such a game, you need only wait... another month, because it releases on September 27 for Xbox 360 and Personal Computers.


    Looks so damn pretty!

      Indeed. Didn't even know about this title but I might pick it up.

    Ha, "Personal Computers"!

    You rarely see that written out in full.

    The game looks great though, I love those old adventure movies, Indy, Allan Quartermain, etc.

    'inspired by the likes of Indiana Jones and Allan Quartermain' uuh pretty sure the first subtitle says 'quartermain' ...like saying batman is inspired by the likes of batman

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