In Saints Row, Everyone's Beautiful In Their Own Way -- Except 'Big Bob'

Saints Row IV is rather proud of the fact that its character creation options are 100 per cent sex-unrestricted. You want to give a dude the Karlie? Go for it. Lady with a chinstrap beard? All in a day's work. The price of such freedom, however, are some hideous creations taking place in the "Inauguration Station".

Robbaz got hold of it and created "Big Bob," which as horrifying genderbending characters go is only slightly less nightmarish than Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs. If King Kong Bundy became a transvestite Juggalo, his look wouldn't even come close to this.


    I wish I could have even half as much fun in the character creation process as this guy.

    My character in Saints Row 3 is aging Englishman with gorgeous gray Farah Fawcett style locks. I look forward to getting busy with the character creator again.

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