Inside North Korea’s Newest Video Game Arcade

Inside North Korea’s Newest Video Game Arcade

Arcades might be a thing of the past in North America, but they live on in, um, North Korea.

The country’s state media recently released photos of an arcade that supposedly just opened on the Rungna Islet in Pyongyang, the country’s capital.

The islet is home to the world’s largest stadium, basketball courts, a skateboard park, a mini-golf course, a roller coaster, a wading pool, and now, it seems, a brand new arcade.

Back in 2008, British site UK Resistance published photos of a depressing North Korea arcade that wasn’t frequented by thousands. It did have old, mechanical arcade games — and a sit-down Monaco GP cabinet.

According to Yonhap (via ROK Drop), the country’s government controlled media states this new Rungna arcade is open late into the night and attracts “thousands” of people every day. Thousands!

朝鲜绫罗游乐园电玩城建成 昼夜对平壤市民开放 [新闻中心]

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