Japanese Arcade Apparently Bans Smartphone Games

Japanese Arcade Apparently Bans Smartphone Games

There appears to be a local arcade in Japan with one clear rule: If you are caught playing smartphone games, you'll get kicked out.

Spotted by Japanese Twitter user @komathi_eiki, the sign says that social networking titles and portable games are not permitted. Those who are discovered playing either of these will have to leave!

In big red letters, the sign reads, "Puzzle & Dragons Is Prohibited." Puzzle & Dragons is a popular smartphone game. It has puzzles and, well, dragons.

The sign also reads that those with manners don't bring food they've purchased elsewhere into restaurants. So, playing smartphone games in an arcade is kind of like bringing a fast food burger into a seafood restaurant?

Japanese Arcade Apparently Bans Smartphone Games

So remember that when you are in arcades (well, this arcade, wherever the hell in Japan it is), you should play arcade games and definitely don't fire up Puzzle and Dragons — if anything just to avoid future restaurant comparisons.

近所のゲーセン行ったらこんなことに [komathi_eiki]


    Game arcades in Japan are usually in pedestrian areas around shopping centres so I imagine a lot of people had been hanging around killing time and enjoying the airconditioning on offer to escape the nightmarish Japanese summer. I know I've done it...

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