Jurassic Park For Sega CD: Fair Or Fug?

When I was a kid, I didn't have any set-top consoles. I read strategy guides and magazines, and lived games vicariously through text-based and image-based walkthroughs. One of my fondest memories is of obsessively reading a walkthrough of Jurassic Park for the Sega CD.

Oh, how I wanted to play that game! But I didn't own a Sega CD. I'm not sure anyone did own a Sega CD, ever. But now, all these years later, I've been watching some Let's Play videos of the game, and I'm shocked that I was so excited about it all those years ago.

It is... pretty fugly. That said, this video has a fair amount of charm to it. And maybe it was actually an OK game at the time?

I put it to you: Watching it all these years later, is Jurassic Park on Sega CD Fair (pretty) or Fug (fugly)?


    I can identify woth this do hard. I did the exact same thing. Need to find a way to actually play it.

    As a previous Mega CD owner I had and played this game... at least to the point where I got completely stuck and without the benefit of a walk through had to give up. The dinosaurs were pretty cool for the time.

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