Just A Little Reminder About The *Massive* Dota 2 Tournament Going On Right Now

If you're a fan of Dota you're most likely already well aware of The International — a massive Dota 2 tournament with one of the largest prize pools in competitive gaming history — but just in case you didn't know, consider this a friendly reminder.

I'm too old, slow and stupid to play Dota 2, and I'm too set in my ways to learn anything difficult, so I'll happily admit my complete noobishness in this regard but I'm always happy to watch people who are very skilled at a particular thing perform at the highest level, so I may actually watch some of this and see what I'm missing.

For those that also want to watch, there's a fairly comprehensive list of individual streams for upcoming games on the official Dota 2 blog. But I'm being told by some people in the know (Hi Trjn!) that your best bet may be to simply open up Dota 2 on Steam and click on the tournaments tab.

Regardless, I've embedded the Beyond The Summit Twitch stream in this post for folks who want to watch and discuss here on Kotaku!

Thanks to everyone who helped with suggestions!


    Hi Mark!

    If people are interested in watching and have Dota 2 installed, watching in game is hands down the best way to view any eSports ever - unless you happen to have tickets and are in the Seattle area to watch it live. Choice of commentary (in multiple languages) with camera control either directed by the game, the casters or yourself. Full access to all information about what's going on in game and it will look better than any stream could ever manage without draining your download quota.

    Oh, and this is just the preliminaries. Things are going to get even bigger and better very soon once the real tournament begins.

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    Trjn, don't you have to pay for access to watch in-game?


      Most tournaments do need you to buy a ticket to access the games and replays but not The International. Valve uses their entire marketing budget for this game on this tournament. They want as many people to see it as possible to get as much visibility for the game as possible.

      By having this be free to view, they're giving people a great excuse to install Dota and if you have it installed, why not give it a try some time?

      You can buy a Compendium for $10 but the majority of the benefit from that was before The International started. Most of it is locked out now.

        Ah nice. Will check it out, rather watch it in game :)

        EDIT - Worked fine. That iG vs Alliance game was great!

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    Actually, for the International 3 you don't. They have provided free access to all Dota 2 players. All you need is the game client, which as it is now officially launched, is free too! Might have a bit of a wait for the game client though as Valve is releasing it the new gamers in batches...

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