Just A Russian Hovercraft Landing At A Crowded Beach, That's All

A Russian hovercraft made an unexpected stop at a packed beach, while out on a tactical mission. Thankfully, no one was apparently hurt, but everyone was surprised.

According to Business Insider, the beach apparently belongs to the Russian military. So, that would mean the question isn't what a hovercraft is doing on this beach, but rather, what are all these sunbathers doing on it!

On YouTube, one commenter wrote that this seems reminiscent of the hovercrafts in the Red Alert games. I can see that.

Russian Navy Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach [[email protected]]


    And then Activision got hard and knew what the next Call of Duty would revolve around.

    Well holy crap. Never thought they made hover crafts that big.

      Russia has a proud history of over-engineering vehicles well past practicality.

    This clip cuts off just before they show the Mammoth tank. :(

    'Reinforcements have arrived'



    The only thing that could make this more epic was if a shirtless Putin riding a white stallion leapt off the hovercraft brandishing a shiny sword.

    Russian Captain: "I knew we should have made left turn at Albuquerque!"

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