Just In Case You Wanted To See Kotaku Like Snoop Dogg Sees It...

I was just sent this link by James Swinbank on Twitter and I've spend the last 15 minutes absolutely killing myself with laughter. This is Kotaku as 'tranzizzled' by 'Gizoogle'!

Gizoogle Tranzizzle basically has the ability to rewrite sites in 'street slang'. Man, I don't even know what the right word is for all that 'izzle' stuff. I'm the whitest man on the planet.

Anyway, you should click on those links. I'm losing it right now.

Perhaps the weirdest thing for me personally was reading back word I had actually written. Especially when I found that some of it actually read a lot better with 'izzles'! Oh man, my writing career is over. I'm crashing and burning...


    I like this one, too...


    Let's you do something similar but you can choose a variety of dialects like cockney, redneck, etc. I favour Swedish Chef, myself.

    just a thing with gizoogle.... the more straight & seriouis the original page, the better the results.

    try Rudd's apology to the stolen generation, Martin Luthor King's 'I have a dream' speech, or any address delivered by the Queen.


    I think I'd respect EA a lot more if their press releases actually sounded like this.

    Note to self, doing stuff like this at work makes you laugh a bit too much when work should be gotten done

      Thank you for this paragraph, possibly the best I've ever read:

      Peter Moore also wanted ta clarify another rumour springin from his crazy-ass muthafuckin rap battles: dat EA was plannin ta integrate mo' free-to-play options up in its freshest franchises fo' realz. Again, fronts Moore, dis was misconstrued.

    My wife put her work's website through this and it changed the priest's name to Mistah Mah Fuckin Jizzy. She absolutely lost it and it wasn't long before all her co-workers were discretely calling him that.

    I put the Liberal party's website into it.


    I especially like the way it renamed the "News" link at the top to "Shit".

      if you read news.com.au through this it will actually bring it to a level that the average news.com.au (i.e. shit.com.au) reader can understand

        I already tried that. I didn't think it was working, but looking at it again, I think you're right. I just couldn't tell the difference :P

      Haha, reading all the comments on that page is just as hilarious! Not too mention the Gizmodo, Lifehacker and Popsugar links...

      I especially like the Lifehacker link "How tha fuck To Clean Up Da Birdz Nest Of Cablez Behind Yo crazy-ass TV"

    I know its a bit meta but this page is actually pretty good:


    Comments are the best.

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      It's your one ran through it again. It pretty much returns the same results, except for the second paragraph. I don't even have words for the second paragraph.

    This is gold! Must resist the urge to view all websites through this from now on...

    So... did you champion juice... izzle?

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