Just When I Was Getting All Nostalgic About Secret Of Mana...

I only go and find out about Spectrum of Mana: a sprawling (free) fan project collecting hours upon hours of innovative Secret of Mana covers and fan art. I think I might need this in my life.

It's all very exciting considering that music is often the facet of Secret of Mana that is most fondly remembered. There are dozens of accomplished musicians involved in making all this happen and I'm quite excited to see the end result and listen to some of my favourite songs from the game being reimagined.

The project is scheduled for release in 'Fall', which means Spring in our end of the country obviously, but for now the team has released three songs you can listen to right now, along with some art. The project also has a YouTube channel you can follow (and the Twitters and the Facebooks).

Looking forward to this.


    Geez Mark, i've only been flogging this in the comments for the last month...sheesh! /rollseyes

    Stemage (of Metroid Metal fame) has told me he has several full tracks and some collaborations going into this. Combined with all the other excellent artists involved, this can only end in pure goodness.

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