Kerbal Space Program Is All Fun And Games, Until The Moon Explodes

Squad's sandbox space exploration game, Kerbal Space Program, is about constructing space-worthy vehicles and exploring the stars. Thanks to a healthy modding community, it's also about blowing things up with lasers. Yay, modding community!

Give humanity the tools to better itself, and it builds better weapons. While Kerbal Space Program only joined Steam's Early Access program earlier this year, fans have been having a field day with the game for ages now, using the space-themed toy box to create some pretty amazing things — like space basketball.

YouTube user SqueegyMackoy's first "Kerbals at War" video popped up in July of 2012. The battle has since escalated into the joyous symphony of destruction you see here.


    It might just be this mod but for a game about space there is an awful lot of sound

    I knew there were mods for ksp, but seriously what the shit woodhouse, how could I have missed these?!

      INDEED!!!! I want to know the list of mods hes using!!?!?!?

      Oh snap found em :D

      Mods used include:
      - Damned Robotics
      - DamnYouJapan's Minigun (and my own variation - the cannon)
      - JellyCube's 500m Asteroid
      - JellyCube's Modular Missiles
      - Bac9's Aerospace pack
      - Sunbeam Lasers
      - Romfarer's Lazor Mod
      - Lazor Guided Missiles
      - Multiwheel Mod

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    I only just managed to land on the moon, and I use the term land very freely, it was more of a crash that the Kerbals survived....and then I realised I had placed a light over the hatch.

    Space Battles are cool

      I hear ya. I managed to get to Mun and orbit it? But as for land? Yeah we're talking "HEY LOOK AT ME SMASH INTO IT!!!!" lol

      As for actually finding another ship in space? The best I've managed so far is spotting one as it whizzes by at 500000 kph.

        Give mechjeb a go. It's an auto pilot,so might not be for everyone, but I've found it handy.

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    Wow. That is some crazy stuff they've created there. The IVA sections look awesome.

    I'm happy just building my Mun base right now.


      You should watch some of Scott Manley's videos on youtube then, he's extremely helpful with this stuff.

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