Kick-Ass Still Kicks Ass In 8-Bit

You might think that a movie like Kick-Ass would need charismatic actors and improbable wire-fu in order to be enjoyable. And yet!

Written and animated by David Dutton with music by Henry Dutton, this CineFix extremely abridged 8-bit version of the film still manages to hit some emotional highs, mainly in how it makes me fondly recall the source material.

Kick-Ass was one of those movies I thought was OK the first time, but that I liked much more the second time around. As for the looming sequel? Still not sold just yet. I dunno. Something makes me wary.

[via Laughing Squid]


    That was awesome :D I'd play the shit out of that if it were real :D

    Kirk: The sequel will be damn good. The comic was pretty good, had a few flaws and some scenes which were just terrible in terms of how horrible they were in spirit (they havent made it into the movie thankfully). Again they've changed the movie from the comic enough to be different yet hopefully superior (this is evident, as the whole fight with superheros in a garage/warehouse in the movie trailer never happens in the comic).

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