Kickstarter Is Coming To Australia

We don't have Kickstarter in Australia. I know, that's shocking and it may surprise you, but we don't. But it looks as though all of that is set to change. A new section on the Kickstarter website directs you to this message: Australia. New Zealand. Soon.

"Kickstarter will open up to Australia- and New Zealand-based projects in the very near future," reads the short message on the site. "Tell us what kind of project you're interested in launching, and we'll make sure you're the first to know when everything's ready."

Obviously video games is a big deal for Kickstarter and, whaddya know, we have video game developers in this country! Previously Australian developers have used services like Indiegogo to 'kickstart' their projects, but Kickstarter itself is obviously the biggie. I'm looking forward to seeing, first, what the Australian version will look like and, second, what our local developers can do with it.


    Oh cool! This is great news. I've got... ideas!

      Are they about The Dig?

        No, I don't really want to get bitchslapped by Lucasarts and Disney, so I'll be doing something completely different.

        Coming soon from Shane W Smith:
        The Dug.

    I'm surprised somebody didn't already do a kickstarter to start up an Australian kickstarter.

      Indiegogo works in Aus

        Sure, and we've got our own in Pozible, but Kickstarter comes with name recognition that other crowd funding sites don't.

          Platform is irrelevant - even KS will tell you that. With crowdfunding YOU bring the crowd.

          The idea that millions of faceless strangers lurk on CF sites just *dying* to pledge is completely, utterly false.

          There IS greater PR/publicity potential on KS because lazy tech journalists keep overfocussing on them. They didn't invent CF, they don't have the highest project success rate, many dislike their curation tactic.

          But nothing succeeds like success, right?

          Especially if you don't dig any deeper.

    This is very good news indeed. The few times I've visited Pozible (The Australian version of Kickstarter), it pretty much had nothing going so hopefully this will encourage more people to start getting their projects off the ground. I might even have to start getting serious about finishing one of my many half-started projects.

    "I’m looking forward to seeing... what the Australian version will look like"

    I anticipate the word "mate" being added as a suffix at the end of every sentence. Mate.

    I've really wanted to start a kick-starter for my game. Now I'll be able to! I was trying to convince other American team members to start the kick-starter but now I can do it myself.

    what's wrong with pozzible?

      Not nearly as much exposure or traffic as Kickstarter.

      Nothing wrong with it, but it doesn't have nearly the audience that KS has. Probably depends on your market. The arts do better on Indiegogo than they do on KS, but for something that has a global reach (like video or boardgames) you can't beat the audience reach that Kickstarter has. Pozible probably works best for local projects.

    I was just wondering where I was going to get the money for my next doomsday device......especially since I just spent all my money on a brand new dilapidated castle.

    Hopefully we can see some great Australian games that blow the world out of the water.

    We tried to reach the Pozible guys for comment, but they were too busy packing boxes...

      You have to be kidding? Disclaimer: I am in the Pozible Team.

      How To Be Australian 101: it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog that counts.

      That's Aussie for David vs Goliath. Genuinely excited about the coming months. : )

    I'm still sticking with Indiegogo, they were awesome with my crowdfunding campaign.

    Great news!

    I wonder if they will have an option to have it in USD instead of AUD. Only reason is because kickstarter is a global market and everyone understands how the USD translates into their own currency. I wonder if the currency affects people pledging?

    Well there are already quite a number of KS projects based in Australia... I guess what this is going to do is clean it all up a bit. So shipping options for people in Australia/NZ will be the default "free shipping" option as compared to what it is now with project creators having to find work-arounds, such as refunding shipping costs after the project is funded etc.. Also it means they won't need to have a US Amazon linked bank account etc..

    It will just make it easier for the project creators... but my point is that there are already numerous Aussie projects on KS.

    Grrr.. Right when i''m in the middle of making one just for australians..

    oh well, competition of platforms is a good things, I spose mine will just have to keep its focus of feature rich ideas.

    Whatever the platform, I just hope all great Aussie ideas get funded.
    (would mean more screen time for ''Aussie Inventors" :D

    I'm actually setting up a project in the next month for Pozible, but this is even better!

    Can't wait to fund a drop bear text adventure!

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