Killer Instinct Characters Are $US5 A Pop, But Wait -- There's More

Killer Instinct Characters Are $US5 A Pop, But Wait — There's More

How much would you pay for classic characters like Sabrewulf, Glacius and the newly announced Thunder in the upcoming free-to-download Xbox One exclusive Killer Instinct? Microsoft has slapped a $US4.99 price tag on each character's head, but why buy piecemeal when you can get the whole shebang for $US20?

In case you missed it at E3, here's how the new Killer Instinct works. Xbox One owners will pay nothing for the initial download, which includes the game's most boring character, Jago, for free. Each additional character — there'll be six total at launch — will cost $US5 in Microsoft's new Real Money Points.

But buying these characters individually is just plain stupid, when you can get all six starters and two additional post-launch characters for $US19.99 in the Combo Breaker Pack. And for those who like to sprinkle their smart with a little silly, there's the Ultra Edition, which contains all the characters plus costumes, accessories, and a copy of the original Killer Instinct.

In short, it's a free-to-play game that's really a $US19.99 fighting game broken up into pieces for the incredibly picky. It's a clever way of making a demo with a really cool "buy now" button.


    damnit, why am I always getting excited for something on a console that I wont be purchasing for at least 12-18months after launch (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Six characters at launch. Well I look forward to playing as Jago and nothing else for about five minutes ;)

    Killer Instinct being a Microsoft exclusive makes me sad. I don't care that Microsoft owns Rare. I care that in order to play a new iteration of one of my favorite fighting franchises I need to purchase an Xbox.

    Hell I'd pay the $20 just to get the original Killer Instinct.

      Agreed I loved killer instinct :D

        So many blisters from the original!

          Still got the music CD "Killer Cuts" that came packed in the box with the game cartridge.

            I've got the game cartridge, soundtrack and NIntendo SNES fightpad that came part of the black edition.

    I wonder how much it will be after the au tax here in Australia?

    Don't think I can resist the full Ultra Combo to get the original arcade game.

    Last edited 21/08/13 11:41 am

    This pricing scheme actually sounds long as they don't be jerks or too greedy, it might work

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