You Get Better Guns For Looking At Women’s Breasts In Killer Is Dead

You Get Better Guns For Looking At Women’s Breasts In Killer Is Dead

Mondo Zappa enjoys the occasional drink with a lady between missions. Apparently the reason he does is that as he stares at their breasts and legs, he works up the courage to give them a gift. In return, he can get a new gun arm!

Here’s a look at the mechanics of the first gigolo mission, including a look at what happens when you stare too long:

There are several of these “gigolo” missions, including one with a vampire, for some reason. You can go back and re-do these missions as many times as you want, but the price for the gifts goes up every time you buy one. Oh, did I mention there are also X-ray glasses? Because there are. Take a look:



  • When I found out what ‘gigolo’ mode really was, I knew this was not a game for me.

  • First impressions say it’s perverted but I don’t want to be too quick to judge (I know, internet right?) since I haven’t actually played the game. Since this is a work of creative fiction I’m going to go ahead and defend its right to exist as a general reminder that we don’t just ban or condemn things arbitrarily, that’s the government’s job. If anyone remembers the film “Irreversible”, it was banned on the grounds of a sexually explicit rape scene that went for 8 minutes and condemned by the OFLC and the community alike. That is until someone (a genius, it seems) pointed out that not only had the official responsible not even SEEN the film, but neither had anyone else. It turns out the film cleverly condemned the act of rape by showing it in extreme detail and in real time. The mere portrayal of the act was a sickening enough deterrent. Mere second-hand descriptions and clips weren’t able to communicate the message.

    I’m not saying Killer is Dead has even remotely noble intentions, just pointing out that it’s god-damn stupid to judge an entire piece of work you’ve barely had contact with just because you want yet another chance to display your moral fibre.

  • Defend it all you want, and I’ve seen Irreversible and loved it, but that just looks terrible. ‘I’m so thirsty’… Um, I heard you the first time, and I’m still not buying you a drink!

  • I can’t believe this came out and I didn’t even know about it. Will definitely be picking it up today.

    As someone who finds breasts to be aesthetically pleasing and enjoys killing people in fictional environments in absurd, surrealistic ways, this seems perfect.

  • Ironically, I find that in life you get to look at women’s breasts more when you have better ‘guns’.

  • Mondo is a man – a straight man. These missions are actually not that lewd. It sounds like it on paper, but you don’t actually touch the beauties, just sort of try and sneak glances at their, err, assets. And if you give them the wrong gifts they throw their drinks at you, so it isn’t like they don’t have agency to kick Mondo’s ass either.

    Still waiting for one where you ogle at dudes.

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