Watch Killzone: Shadow Fall's Multiplayer Features

Killzone: Shadow Fall showed off its multiplayer features in this trailer from Gamescom 2013. You can get a look at it here — well, the parts where the camera isn't inexplicably zoomed out on the crowd anyway.


    Brilliant....looks like it has all the server/host customisations that KZ2 had but were inexplicably removed in KZ3.

    Hope they put the little chirp when you kill someone back in. A little Pavlovian deathchime, that.

      It'd be nice if they made it so the guns actually do some damage this time. I gave up on KZ3 multiplayer pretty early because I got sick of people just charging straight at me, absorbing the hail of bullets I was shooting into them, then stabbing me in the face.

      Yep the chirp is still in, followed by a second chime if it was a headshot. Can't wait.

    one day they'll use actual 3d cameras to film these clips, or use a better video streaming service

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