Kotaku's New Lunchtime Guessing Game: I Need Your Help...

This morning I have been toiling with a decision and I need your help. The past Friday I retired ScribbleTaku — it had gone on too long, I felt like it was getting a little stale. I had the best idea given to me by regular Thistler: 'HaiTaku', I write a series of clues in Haiku form and you have to guess what the game is. But then I had another idea: SingTaku (name not final) where I sing music from a game, upload it onto YouTube, and you guess the game it's from.

Now I'm a bit torn. Which game should replace ScribbleTaku? Haikus have a history on Kotaku. We love them here, but SingTaku might be more fun? Who knows?

So I'm putting it up for a vote. Which should it be? HaiTaku or SingTaku? Vote in the poll below! Also, feel free to rally troops for this vote on Facebook or Twitter — I want all Kotaku readers to vote on this because this is important!

Are you Team HaiTaku or Team SingTaku?


    Biker Mice from Mars!

      HaiTaku. purely because myself and i assume a lot of other people will not be able to listen to the youtube clips while at work.

        Ditto this. SingTaku sounds awesome but it's a lot of work for you and I'm guessing most people won't be able to participate during the working day. If you were going to do a SingTaku I would suggest it as some kind of weekly feature, scheduled to be posted on a weekend.

        How about Haitaku at midday while people at work, then Singtaku published later in the afternoon for people to see once they're home? Although that means more work on Mark's part and I understand if he feels he can't do both a day.

    The links to Facebook and Twitter don't seem to be working...

    I think it might be
    A hell of an ugly song
    Me guessing The Dig

    Edit: I think you should demand answers in song/haiku too.

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    HaiTaku. My selfish reason is that it will be too hard to watch youtube videos on mobile in a workplace setting. Writing / pictures is good, also easier for viewer submissions.

    I want SingTaku more than I've ever wanted anything else in my entire life.

    Well, that's probably an overstatement, but now the idea of SingTaku exists, I really want to see/hear it in some form. How about 4 HaiTakus and 1 SingTaku per week?

      That's an awesome idea. I vote for putting this as an option in the Poll. :P


    Where you rant and rave vague clues about a game in the thickest Scottish accent you can muster.

    I am deeply suspicious of the number of votes from HaiTaku. I suspect insider manipulation of the polls to avoid SingShame! Those better be some damn specific haikus!

    Die in pit - AGAIN.
    Fetch my thrown gamepad and breathe.
    I WILL beat this game.

    That could be ANYTHING!

    Although, to be fair, I'm not sure if - after hearing a few SingTaku attempts - I will want to switch my vote to HaiTaku too.

    HaiTaku because, like many here, I wouldn't really be able to listen to the SingTakus until after work (also because responses in Haiku form will be awesome).

    But I could live with a "Friday Singtaku" or something. They could even go up at 5 or something rather than at lunchtime and be an after-work comp.

    HaiTaku is best:
    'Not unless I wet my pants'
    could be your first post.

    Most of the best game soundtracks don't have words, so I'll go for the haiku.

    If you sing the words of Flower of Scotland to the tune of some videogame music, then I could be swayed to vote for SingTaku.

    Also, I agree that you'll get more participation with text than with Youtube videos.


    There once was a plumber in red
    Who enjoyed putting Goombas to bed.
    He can subscribe you a pill,
    enjoys filling the till,
    but would rather be snogging the Princess instead.

    Mark I'm more concerned that either way you're committing yourself to a lot of work and potentially a lot of shame. Singing/humming songs every day would be pretty bad - but the effort of putting up new clues every day in Haiku form is crazy.

    So glad it's you and not me - and can't wait to start guessing. Scribbletaku really did get stale.

      Me, I would probably come up with the entire week's worth in one day, then drip-feed it out. Bonus if no-one gets it one day!

    As long as you remember us when you get discovered and leave to pursue a lucrative singing career.

      After Mark wins the X Factor he'll have an entourage of booth babes, brony security staff, and a seven figure advertising deal with Uncle Tobys.

    put up pixellated videos of you playing something and we guess it (assuming that doesn't breach any copyrights). You could even sing over the top of it

    I voted Haitaku. I assumed that their artistic ability would carry over to Singtaku resulting in sounds that caused bleeding ears and uncontrollable evacuation of bowels. There is no way they can mess up the written word. They write articles for a living. Yet I am still filled with a sense of dread.

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    A random phrase from a game could be fun. I'm sure you will make it obscure. Speaking or text at the bottom.


    Write a descriptive sentence about a game, then put it through google translate multiple times converting it to Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Russian, then back into English and post the results which we use to try and guess the game.


    English: The hedgehog runs really fast, spinning into a ball and smashing televisions and small robots, freeing their animal occupants. This was before he met his foxy friend.

    Translated: TV and a small elephant robot, breaking launch of its animal inhabitants, run very quickly into a ball. Earlier, he met his wise friend.

    I voted haitaku because I can't access youtube at work

    If you really wanted to though, I'm a fan of @unicron idea for Quotaku where it's just a line from a videogame given out of context and people have to guess what it is

    I've been hoping for HaiTaku for a while now. The biggest challenge I saw with it though is how to make clues that aren't specific enough to give it away, but not so vague as to be about a hundred different games. Well, if Kingdom of Loathing can do hints in haiku, Mark can do game descriptions in it.

    why must we be limited to one game? why not a different game every day of the week??

      This, scribbletaku mondays. picturetaku tuesdays haikutaku wednesdays, singtaku thursdays and some other game friday

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