Let's Help Nintendo Choose Next Year's 'Year Of' Star

Let's Help Nintendo Choose Next Year's

The best thing about 2013 is that it's the Year of Luigi. So it's going to suck when 2014 comes around and it's not the Year of Luigi anymore. Unless...

...unless we can keep the good times rolling and make 2014 the Year of Blathers. Or the Year of Birdo. Or the Year of Any Other Awesome Nintendo Character You Can Think Of Who Deserves The Honour.

We put our heads together to come up with a few ideas to help get things started, but there's such a wealth of Nintendo characters we figured we'd turn to you guys for help.

Who do you think should be 2014's "Year Of" Nintendo star? Show us in the comments below. And Nintendo, if you're reading, the Year of Zill would be awesome, thanks.

Let's Help Nintendo Choose Next Year's
Let's Help Nintendo Choose Next Year's
Let's Help Nintendo Choose Next Year's
Let's Help Nintendo Choose Next Year's
Let's Help Nintendo Choose Next Year's

To help get you started, here's a template (font is Roboto, which you can get here).

Let's Help Nintendo Choose Next Year's


    They said it was going to be Yoshi?

      It better be... Yoshi is one of the best nintendo characters ever.

    Year of Samus. And don't stuff her up this time.


      Metroid didn't get a decent 25 year anniversary celebration. This makes me sad.

    Blathers! Will just be a series of games about sleeping and not being able to afford things and living in museums

    Year of Sonic

      I don't think Nintendo is going to use a SEGA character for this :P

        If it's been in the smash bros franchise, I consider it fair game to be a nintendo mascot

          Sega has a partnership with nintendo in making games, that is the only way they're related. so you'd be okay with solid snake from MGS to be a mascot too ?

    Year of Magnus (kid icarus uprising), Yoshi, Wario, pikachu, Samus, bowser. I am just thinking of a year of the villians.

      Magnus, Pikachu, Samus, Yoshi... yeah, they'd totally belong in a Year of the Villains category.

    Can they make it the Year of Releasing Games?

      You mean series we want. As much as i love big N there pissing me off with there remakes and making allthe good wiiu gamees get released in late 2014. Where is a HD metroid? Or even the metroid trillogy HD will do. Fzero? Majoras mask for 3dd or wiiu? -_- all they need to do is listen.

    Samus or Diddy Kong
    Orrrr Daisy.

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