Let's Look At This Breaking Bad Star's Audition Tape

If you've been keeping up with Breaking Bad of late, it's kind of amazing to compare Jesse as we know him now to the Jesse at the start of the show — nevermind seeing Rapture Productions's footage of Aaron Paul, the actor who plays the character, auditioning for said role.

Ah, how things have changed.

Breaking Bad 2013 - Audition Tape Aaron Paul [Rapture Productions via Laughing Squid]


    So, Walt was going to be 41 originally? Had they even cast Cranston at this point?

      No, he was their 3rd choice..well 1st by the series creator Vince Gilligan. However the studio bosses couldn't see Malcom in the middle suburban dad playing a meth dealer. Not until Matthew Broderick and John Cusack both turned to role down (o.O) did they go ahead with it but also changed the age to 50....

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        Hmm, Breaking Bad with Matthew Broderick, no thank you. Cranston is perfect.

        I also read recently that Vince Gilligan hadn't heard of the show "Weeds" when he came up with Breaking Bad, and said that if he had known about it, he wouldn't have bothered.

          Wow, a world without Breaking Bad.

          Just goes to show you, even if you think your idea has been done, does not mean you can't do it better.

            Damn straight.

            I'll be finishing up season 3 tonight. Such an awesome show.

              You're lucky to not have watched it for a first time yet. You've got so much quality television still to come.

              I just hope you catch up to Season 5.2 before the series ends, I'd hate to let those last episodes get spoiled!

          He's perfect for the role because he plays the role so well and you know him as WW. Who knows, the others might have been even better

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