Let's Open Up Some Pokémon Rumble U Figures

Pokémon Rumble U is available for the Wii U today, capitalising on the Game Pad's near-field communications feature to give players the ability to import special toys directly into the game. I purchased seven of these special blind bagged toys. Let's see who we got. Note that I don't have access to the game yet, so I can't show you what they do. All I can show you is the extreme joy of getting seven sealed character toys and not getting a single dupe. That's magical.

As far as I know, these are only available at GameStop, and my local GameStop only got one box, so good luck. Each cost $US3.99. Using the power of maths, that means I spent more than I probably should have on things I could not see.

Oh, and I did skip a guy in the video. It was normal forme Deoxys. No one cares about Deoxys.

Let's Open Up Some Pokémon Rumble U Figures


    These are pretty cool but I hate blind-bagged toys. When I worked at Kmart, the blind-bagged Hot Wheels series were always accompanied by shoplifting. The uber-nerds would rip them open in-store, take what they want and leave the cars they didn't want (or stole them too).

    The Lego Minifig series rare Mr Gold figure ($600+ on Bricklink) was about the worst I've ever seen. Collectors jumped on that like starving children on Wonka bars. My Myer had to keep the box on the counter and every time I passed, there was always an (adult) guy standing around, carefully rubbing the bags between his fingers, trying to feel out the Mr Gold pieces. The more lax stores just got ripped off outright by thieves.

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