Let's Share Some Positive Thoughts About The People Who Make Games

Let's Share Some Positive Thoughts About The People Who Make Games

In recent months, there's been an epidemic of anger in the world of gaming. The nasty comments are getting nastier. The death threats are escalating. Harassment has become ubiquitous.

It's tough, being a video game developer. The hours are long, the work is gruelling, your studio can shut down at a moment's notice, and many of your projects will be cancelled or morphed beyond recognition.

And then there are the threats on your life because you changed a gun's stats. The endless bouts of harassment. The faceless attacks that get so depressing and overwhelming, at least one prominent developer quit because of them.

But we know gamers can be better than that.

So let's take the time to spread some positivity. Hop in the comments. Take the time to think about all of the talented people it took to make your favourite games, and leave some words of appreciation for those creators. Help cheer up the artist who just read nasty messages about her work on a web forum. Brighten up the day of the producer who worked 80-hour weeks to bring a game to life. There are real people behind the games you love, and none of them deserve to be insulted or threatened. Let's celebrate them instead.


    It's such a simple and stupid game, but I'm totally hooked on clash of clans, kudos to those guys !!!

      +1 for that... SuperCell put Finland on the map in terms of mobile game development

    Bungie! Always got Halo right (faltered a little bit with Halo 2).

    I love David Cage. I like how he does his own thing. I don't want all games to play like his, but I don't mind that his games play like that. Also cool that a new Jane Jensen game is on the horizon, here's hoping it's as good as Gabriel Knight!

      DC also a David Cage fan?!? man, you've elevated your status to brother from another mother :)

      David cages games are all kinds of awesome, been hooked on his games since Omikron: Nomad Soul... currently, youll find me playing Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) for the original Xbox on 360 :)

      Whilst haters may hate, and scream "how are they even games", theres definitely a place in the gaming world for his deep cinematic storytelling.

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    Props to the devs at King Arthur's Gold. Especially Geti. He's just a real honest nice guy. He even hops on and plays with us players from time to time, asking what we reckon about the game. Definitely my favorite dev.
    Thanks man! You've brightened my day more times than I can count.

    I think anyone out there in developer land who is still making games primarily for the enjoyment of others deserves some love.

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    Every Naughty Dog game I've ever played, from Crash Bandicoot through to The Last of Us, has been nothing short of great. They're basically the Pixar of video games, and I'm eagerly awaiting whatever they've got planned for the PS4.

    Overkill with Payday 2, i have played NOTHING but this game since launch, and even though i have completed every mission more times than i can count... something about the way it changes each time just has me hooked, and i love that.

    Playing with 4 mates every night, talking strategy, cooking meth its great.

    Overkill really did a great job with this one, cant wait for more content.

    Nothing but love for developers. They pour months/years of love into their games and it shows every time someone picks up a controller and plays that game for weeks/months at a time.

    I love the Prince of Persia franchise and hopefully Ubisoft Montreal get to make another one.

    Also props to Sony for supporting a variety of games for all ages and tastes- DIGGS NIGHTCRAWLER!!!!!!!!

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, this post is lovely.

    Nintendo, don't worry about the Wii U sales guys, the fans who remember the place you guys occupied in our hearts when we were kids went out an bought one, and while I know that's not your goal from a business perspective, at least you can rest easy knowing that you'll always have the support of loyal fans who's childhood you made special. I love how you guys keep the integrity of what gaming originally was; your games are simple, outstandingly well designed and extremely thought out. Pikman 3 is beautiful, Miyamoto.

    As for Notch, I'm glad to see you working on smaller games again. You're a great game designer who's game are fantastic, even at the most basic level. You're not the type of developer who throws on features without thinking about how it affects the overall game itself. It's a shame we can't see 0x10c, but Shambles is a lot of fun and I look forward for more of your genius in the little places where your talent can be more focused and concise, thus shine a bit brighter.

    And Team Ico, I love you very dearly. It's okay that you haven't brought out The Last Guardian yet. I can wait. I can't promise I won't stab a bitch, but I can wait.

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    EA, love the battlefield series, especially 2142.Their hhumble bundle was very generous too. Yet this company gets so much hate.... They have never done wrong by me, so thank you for 1000 BF3 hours and much more. Keep up the good work!

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