Look At All The Colours In This PS4 Launch Game

Fresh from Gamescom, here's a brand new look at Knack, the amicable self-building golem star of the PS4's first big platformer. Well, you know, amicable until he starts throwing tanks around and bashing some heads in. Colourfully.

If your curiosity's piqued, look for Knack on the PS4's launch day, on November 15.


    Will definitely be picking this up on launch, looks like a pretty good game.

    The game itself looks fantastic and the gameplay elements alluded to in the video shows potential for a whole host of interesting puzzles etc but one thing that I am just not getting from the game (and this could just be me) is any charm or character. The VOs are bland an uninterested and something about the game just feels like it is going through the motions without any real investment. I know it is only based off a few trailers and early content but still.

      Same here - it all looks perfectly competent and will probably be ok for a launch title. But yeah - it's still a launch title, and launch titles are generally pretty forgettable, regardless of the platform. How many people still really rate many (any?) of the PS3/360 launch titles?

      This is why I'm happy to wait a few months or so after launch before picking one up - because I won't be missing out on much, and if there are any decent launch titles then they'll probably be going cheaper/bundled by then.

    I'm hoping to see some more of the platforming side of knack. Looks combat heavy from what I've seen. Also hoping for lots of playtime in his little form.

    Reminds me a lot of Kameo: Elements of Power, for some reason.

    I'd like to give it a chance but its not really my style of game, I can see myself getting bored of it pretty quick.

    I'm not convinced.

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