Look At All These New Steam Games

Look At All These New Steam Games. There's A Hundred Of Them.

In its latest Greenlight update, Valve revealed that it has reached a point where it would like to stress test its system. And so it did — by letting through a hundred games. That's... quite a lot of games.

While putting together the list below, I had some time to look at the games and I must say, most of these look pretty damned interesting. We've got stuff here ranging from an atmospheric spear-fishing simulator to zombie survival games, fantasy adventure games, sandboxes and metroidvanias — hell, there's even an RPG where you're a washing machine. The variety here is simply amazing.

So, without any further ado, let's dig in. Here's the one hundred games freshly approved by the community:

Finally, here's a handful of games that got greenlit earlier this month.

So, who were you folks rooting for? Chime in below.

100 Titles Greenlit Today [Steam Greenlight]


    Andras, why must you tease us with more games when my pile of shame is as high as the virtual roof? :P

    Man its gonna take all day to check them all out.

    Already backed Satellite Reign & 7 Days to Die via KickStarter.
    Will have to work my way through this list.

      I'm hoping Satellite Reign lives up to the developers dream, it looks like it will be awesome.
      Then again, after the last Syndicate, anything would look awesome.

      Avenge Syndicate Wars !

      Last edited 30/08/13 10:09 am

    This is cool and all, but this list is so massive! I have no hope of looking into all of them!

    Anyone know if any play like xcom?

      Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land is probably the closest of them

    Greenlight is going to be the death of me - Already spend way too much time going through the masses of submissions and the rest of my time playing some awesome games like Rogue Legacy.

    Get more excited about Greenlit games than i do with recent steam sales.

    I know Kerbal Space Program is old by the standards of this article.. but I just picked it up and I loving it.. Indie games for the win!

    some good indie stuff. Always good to see new platformers and roguelikes on the PC platform.

    Automation. Go Aussies!

    If you have not checked out automation please do.

    Zafehouse Diaries! Wasn't someone related to this website somehow developing that (I recall a few articles on here)?

    That must be very relieving to finally get the opportunity to be on Steam.

    Also, why does something with a huge brand behind it like Crayola need to go through the Greenlight route?

    Last edited 30/08/13 7:43 pm

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