Looks Like Pokemon Is Getting A New Type Of Evolution

Looks Like Pokemon Is Getting A New Type of Evolution

Back when a new Mewtwo "form" was revealed, many people felt confused about what it was, especially since Nintendo was kind of coy about it. Turns out, the Pokemon games are getting a new type of evolution — and this new Mewtwo is one of the new Pokemon you can get from that type of evolution.

Serebii reports that the new issue of Japanese magazine CoroCoro details "Mega" forms of a variety of existing Pokemon, such as Blaziken, Absol, Mewtwo, Lucario, and Ampharos. You evolve them into Mega forms via "Mega Evolution." So assuming the western release retains the names of the Japanese release, that Mewtwo is actually called Mega Mewtwo.

As for how you, uh, Mega evolve? Serebii says there's a gym leader in X & Y who "holds the key" to understanding the new evolutions. There also seem to be "Mega stones," which might work in the same way other elemental stones in the games do. We'll probably find out more about this all as we get closer to release.

(Via Serebii)


    Yeah I don't know whether I'm excited for this or not, but the MegaAbsol does look badass
    also they stated that these mega evolutions are only for the duration of the battle, so it may mean your pokemon must have it held as an item.

      That's how it seems to be reported at the moment; depending on the size of the stat boost the drawback of no hold item might outweigh the benefits.

    Makes me want to play digimon all over again.

      Glad I'm not the only one to think of this. How'd it go again? Rookie > Champion > Ultra > Mega?

        Mega only existed thanks to poorly-handled localisation. In Japan, the forms were Child > Adult > Perfect > Ultimate. In the dub, Ultimate was the name given to the Perfect stage, so when Ultimate came around in Japan, they had painted themselves into a corner.

        Furthermore, because I can't be bothered makng another post, it's worth noting that in the official website and trailer released today that Mega Evolution is a temporary burst of power that occurs under certain conditions in battle only, allowed by the holding of a "name-ite" mineral (e.g. Blazikenite). It's not so much an evolution as a Limit Break.

    Bitch I'm Amphabulous!

    Of all the pokemon games I've played, from Red all the way to Black 2, this is probably the first time I've felt skeptical about a new pokemon feature.

    Pokemon Pocket monsters Pokemon are the CHAMPIONS!!

    Of course MegaMawile gets forgotten. That thing looks like a freaking beast. Definitely getting one of those on my team. Apparently its being refitted as Steel/Fairy too. ALL THE HYPE

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