Looks Like We're Getting A Zelda-Themed Wii U (And It's Pretty Slick)

Looks Like We're Getting A Zelda-Themed Wii U (And It's Pretty Slick)

Is that a slick gold design I see on this Wii U? Possibly part of a Zelda: Wind Waker Wii U bundle?

Earlier this week, Destructoid floated rumours that we might be seeing a Zelda-packed Wii U bundle at some point in the near future, and this image, taken from a since-pulled Nintendo trailer spotted by Polygon, seems to confirm it.

The bundle, as reported by Destructoid, would be a $US350 32GB Wii U that comes packaged with a copy of the Wind Waker remake. If you believe the image above, it'll look like that neat Zelda 3DS, which I love to death.

Or maybe Nintendo just really likes gold stickers.


    Hmm. I guess it might be the time to pick up a Wii U.

      You wont be disapointed. I went out on a limb a few weeks ago and picked one up, it was a bit of a mental battle given all the flack i read on here and most websites about the U. I was wrong, this console gets a really bad wrap. Sure its not graphically up to standard with PS4 or xbone but as far judging it on its own merits im thoroughly impressed. Its much better than I expected given the pasting it cops from people im starting to question have even been hands on with one; or are just sheep and spruik others party lines. The only problem i have is 3rd party support. Ill be getting my ps4 at launch so its not a huge problem for me personally and I happilly drop $ for wiiu purly for its exclusives, however, i wish more people would give the U a go so devs would take investment in it more seriously and those that need the 3rd party games as a selling point get their wish. It really does deserve to be in the next gen battle regardless of polycount/post process/overhype debate. Its got its own thing going on, not just the same old "more transistors means better more fun games".

        Graphically I don't mind the polygon count stuff as long as the resolution is good. What killed the Wii for me was that I'd jump from the XBOX 360 to the Wii and the gap made the Wii seem unplayable blurry. In theory third party support shouldn't be a problem. Nintendo do enough to justify buying a WiiU and I don't plan on playing weak ports on it because I'll be playing multiplatform titles on another console anyway.

        The only problem I have is the same issue I have with the PS4 and my PC, I want my XBOX Live stuff on it.

          Just get a xbone. the graphics are close to the same, the machine is close to the same. the drm is close to the same as ps4 now.... what is there to not like nowadays?

        I don't care for third party support. It's a Nintendo console, it hasn't been their game since the SNES era. I do however, care for first party games and thus far, the Wii U looks like its predecessor. A barren wasteland with one excellent game per year (Galaxy 1, 2, Skyward Sword, etc). They just need a new Zelda and I'll jump on board, not a game I've already played and paid for.

          yeah too bad the galaxy for the Wii U is Mario 3D world, which unfortunately looks a little crappy

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          See im super excited for hd wind waker.

          it makes me think, if nintendo can have me frothing at the mouth for a higher resolution game ive already finished a handful of time, why cant they have a stack of ip ready to got at their new console launch.

          if they hand a 3d mario, super smash, pickmin, wave race, mario party, donkey kong, zelda, mario kart, paper mario and a pokemon game ready to at launch then they would go off the charts. even if waiting a year ans launching along side xbone and ps4 it would be a master stroke. sometimes i just feel like reaching through the internet and giving iwata / miamoto a massive slap in the face ans saying wake up to yourselves. you rely on mario and co to keep you in the race since the mid 90s when thet really could deliver the knockout blow if youd think a little more in advance. you got lucky with the wii, be more pro active with the u, youre games are well worth it.

            This is the second time Nintendo's refreshed a GCN Zelda game to bolster their new console's library and I'm not sure it'll work again. It exploits our nostalgia, instead of pushing out genuinely new titles. At the very least, they should have delayed the Wii U instead of releasing it to an unreceptive market. If a new Zelda was a launch title, I'd have bought it no questions asked.

    Is this america only?

      Nah we're getting one, that sounds like an American price though :(

    Don't do this to me Nintendo. With all the games and the PS4 I have on preorder I wont be able to afford this T_T

    If you haven't picked up a Wii U and this does show up here, pick one up. There's great games on there, and it is worth it.

    Awww shucks. This happens every time. I already have a Nintendo console/game, then they release a limited edition... something, give it a gold paint job and I cough up again. The gold Skyward Sword controller bugged me to no end with its non-gold nunchuk. Wound up paying through the nose on eBay Japan for a Club Nintendo gold nunchuk.

    Welp, good excuse for a Wii U. This game has aged so well it's not even funny heh. That said, I would kill for a Zelda 3DS XL. KILL!!! Hands starting to feel a tad cramped during long sessions (though more jealous than anything lol) with my current Zelda 3DS.

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