Make Your Own President In Saints Row IV's Inauguration Station

Make Your Own President In Saints Row IV's Inauguration Station

Hello there, Mr. President Smurf. Are you ready to become the leader of the free world when Saints Row IV launches on August 20? Of course you aren't. Not until you've been through the Inauguration Station.

Available today for the Xbox 360 and PC through Steam and August 13 on PlayStation 3, the Inauguration Station gives players early access to Saints Row IV's ridiculously deep character creation system. It's seriously stupid how much you can do with it, so getting a head-start is highly recommended.

You can even download your character from Saints Row III and polish it up for the fourth instalment , should you choose.

You've seen mine. Now show us yours!


    I played as the default female skin for SR3 I'll probably do the same again.

      Ye they say they are working on that issue so just bare with them

    "This content is not available in your region."


    Time for my nude pig monster to come out of retirement

    This is actually really good marketing. I, at least, will spend hours tweaking any decent character customizer. I probably wont buy saints row. But I will be downloading this.

    I downloaded "The Initiation Station" when it came out for SR3, but couldn't use the characters I made in the game. I've downloaded this new one and hopefully I'll have more success in using the characters I make before playing.

      You had to save your character to the Saints Row website, then download it from the Saints Row website when the game actually came out. Why you couldn't import directly into the game baffles me.

        No idea. I had it saved, but I just couldn't get it in there. I'm making sure that these ones are saved properly.

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