Mass Effect Fashion For The Special Shepard In Your Life, Or Yourself

Mass Effect Fashion for the Special Shepard in Your Life, or Yourself

'Fess up, Mass Effect players: it was a big deal figuring out what your Shepard's casual outfit was going to be, wasn't it? Do you go with the fatigues/cargo pants look or the tunic-looking top? Yeah, that tunic always looked… weird. Honestly, a new limited-edition wave of Mass Effect outfits from Black Milk is a lot more stylish.

Mass Effect Fashion for the Special Shepard in Your Life, or Yourself

Some of the artwork seen in the line of dresses, leggings and swimsuits based on BioWare's hit franchise appears to have come from the various Mass Effect series from Dark Horse Comics. The allover prints aren't all awesome but some do work pretty well. The ME gear will only be on sale for a short while so act fast if you want to wear a dress plastered with your favourite Quarian's face.

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    "This content is currently unavailable."

    Oh I see, the original article has links to the Black Milk site:

    Where's the dude's stuff?

    Last edited 23/08/13 4:35 pm

      Black Milk just makes leggings and such. They've never made things for boys, much to my chagrin.

    Feel free to change that source to (via phlaiman)!

    That's exactly how pissed your girlfriend will look if you make her wear that dress.

      That's if she's not freaking out about how she looks in it. I bet all of about 2% of the female population can get away with those dresses.

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