Maybe Pacific Rim Should Have Ended Like This

Sure, there wasn't anything wrong with Pacific Rim's ending (don't worry, I'm not about to spoil it) — but really, the whole thing could have been much simpler. Heck, why not throw in some absurd cameos while we're at it?

That's what HISHEdotcom would do, anyway. If I could change the ending, I'd probably kill genericbro Raleigh, or at least axed some of the romance stuff. What about you, how do you think Pacific Rim should have ended?

How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended [HISHEdotcom]


    There'd be toilets fitted on the jaegers before you can say "I may need to change my pants!"

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    Well apparently Raleigh doesn't die in the movie, especially not at the end.

    Thanks for the spoiler-free article.

      *shrug* I did say something prior to this about spoiler article and the title and all that but then you do have a point where she says she won't spoil it... lol.

      But way to go on the spoilers :P

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        I'm happy to live in a bubble about most things I care not to have spoilered (my responsibility to avoid etc etc), but you're right, it said "spoiler free".

        Thought it was safe!

    I said the same thing with my friends at the movie. How the hell could you forget to use 50% of your weapons. Seems like Captain Planet all over again..

      My guess would be that it requires a large amount of energy to have it running at all times.

        at all times? The first time it was used it sliced the monster in like 2 seconds... hardly an excuse to let a whole city be destroyed before deciding to use it lol

      Indeed, the sword, seeing as it cuts through them all no worries, should've been used from the start? If Gipsy Danger had of used it, then well... the movie would've been quite different.

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        you mean there wouldn't be a movie, right?

          Call captain planet at the start, automatically fixes your problems..

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