Megabyte Punch Is Megaman Meets Super Smash Bros. Brawl

If you've recently found yourself craving an adventure game in the style of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, developer Reptile Games predicted your need ages ago and has spent its time preparing a fix. Sure, it's more likely Dion Koster and Tim Remmers, the creators of Megabyte Punch, have no prophetic abilities at all, but holy heck, they've done a bang-up job making the perfect game for you anyway.

While Megabyte Punch has immediate similarities with Nintendo's popular arena beat-em-up, it differentiates itself by packing a proper story mode, complete with RPG elements. You can customise your robot fighter, be it giving them a new paint job to adding upgraded weapons from parts scavenged from defeated foes (including a "devastating pelvic thrust attack", if you're so inclined).

Levels also appear very destructible, providing another unpredictable element to combat.

For co-op fans, the campaign mode allows up to four players to battle their way through Megabyte Punch's six levels and their various boss fights. And, of course, it has a free-for-all mode if you just want to smash some dudes.

Multiplayer is local only, though that's not unusual given it's the type of game the benefits immensely from a social environment in which one can quickly deliver the appropriate burn to his or her fellow players.

If you'd like to try out the demo, one is available on Kongregate. The full version, which will support Mac, Windows and Linux, is set for release on August 6 on Desura.

Megabyte Punch [Reptile Games via RPS]


    Oh yes! Will definitely be buying this.
    Would be great if it supported some sort of console version. Ouya maybe?

      Steam Box? :-P

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