Microsoft Is Livestreaming Killer Instinct Right Now

Watch live video from xboxlivearcade on I can't say I was ever screaming out for a new Killer Instinct, but I've got one whether I like it or not, so I might as well make myself interested. Microsoft is currently live streaming the game on one of its Twitch channel, and it's a good chance to get an impression of how it plays in the wild.

I can't lie: I loved Killer Instinct back in the day, but I really have no concrete memories of how it was played or what I actually enjoyed about it. I have memories of the game, of course, and of landing 'Ultra' combos or what-not, but the game doesn't feel concrete in my memories like Street Fighter 2 was and is. I couldn't forget how to play Street Fighter 2 if I tried. I can remember a million strange details about Street Fighter 2: the music, the man naming all the countries as you fly to them. But I can't remember a single detail about Killer Instinct. Weird.

Anyways, you can watch the livestream above.


    I couldn’t forget how to play Street Fighter 2 if I tried.

    I imagine this is due to the fact that SF2 was a bit simpler in design and had a simpler fighting engine (helped by the fact it was released several years earlier). While KI did borrow heavily from Street Fighter (and also Mortal Kombat), the combo engine it introduced was the first of its kind and was actually incredibly complicated. You can be forgiven for forgetting how to pull off that stuff while remembering how to throw a Hadouken in Street Fighter 2.

    BTW, the stream is offline, so that didn't last long :( At least you can watch the archive here:

    IMO this is still a travesty that it'll be Xbox exclusive. A game like this deserves a multiplatform release. Also, where the hell is Spinal dammit?

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    Killer Instinct was awesome, and a new one is welcome, although I am unsure about all this free to play, pay for more characters crap...

    It is this Sony Fanboy's sole interest in the X-Box One.

    Yes it's a Xbone exclusive but it's also meant to be a "Free-To-Play" game (although you need a XBL Gold account to access it)

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      I believe there was a story the other day that you can either pay for every character separately or just pay a one-off fee to get all of them.

        yeah I heard that too on Inside Gaming Daily...paying for every character (barring the ones that are present on launch day) is just silly...I don't know how it's going to work

        Apparently you can buy individual characters for $3.99 or the complete set for $20

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