Mike Tyson Finally Beats Glass Joe On Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! 26 Years After It Was Released!

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out is a legendary video game. Part of the reason for its success was a chance licensing deal by Nintendo that occurred before Mike Tyson actually became the youngest heavyweight boxing champion of all time. Tyson played the game, briefly, but couldn't even beat Glass Joe. Until today.

Today Mike Tyson tweeted the above pic, along with the following statement...

Well done Mr Tyson. Well done.

[Sheds single tear]


    actually, he has played before. he just hadn't beaten glass joe yet.

    "I couldn't even beat Glass f------- Joe," he said. "I couldn't beat Glass Joe, you know what I mean, I couldn't even play the game." - quote from that article


      Ah cool, thanks for that. Updated. Appreciate it.

        yeah no worries mate

    is the camerman wearing ear protection in case Mike gets a bit peckish?

    Was watching a Nat Geo show a cpl weeks ago, Sports Stars of the 80's, and it had a segment on Iron Mike. He was such a beast in his hey day, youngest ever heavyweight champion and a brutal fighter. Too bad about his fall from grace/rape conviction/bankruptcy, but he seems to have gotten his life on track these days.

      Not sure if this was a joke. But as far as i was aware he is a coked up mess atm.

      Wow, I must be getting old.
      You watched a documentary about Tysons career. I was watching it as it happened.
      Were the 80's that long ago now? F***!

    He's not even playing using the Powerglove! There's his problem right there.

    I love Punch-Out (including the Wii one), but man I freakin' suck at it. Everyone is hard.

    Good on ya, Mike.

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