Minecraft Creator Shelves His Space Game, But Fans Want To Revive It

Minecraft Creator Shelves His Space Game, but Fans Want to Revive It

0x10c (often pronounced "10 to the c") was for a time the next big thing from Mojang and Markus "Notch" Persson, creator of Minecraft. It was to be a sprawling sandbox space adventure, but Persson put the project on hold back in April, citing creative difficulties, and then this week said he'd shelved it altogether. Speaking to a livestream earlier this week, Persson told listeners he had no future plans for 0x10c and would focus on making smaller-scale games. Persson, according to Geek.com, said he'd have no problems with another Mojang developer picking up where he left off.

But now it seems a group of enthusiasts from the 0x10c subreddit will be taking up the mantle, although what they build would appear to share only this game's name. Speaking to USGamer, the project's lead and head writer said the group wouldn't use "any of [Persson's] old code, his name or anything."

They'd essentially be building the game from scratch. What Persson did show and describe of the game was an 80-second gameplay trailer back in October (followed by a test of 0x10c's multiplayer) and a big-picture view that the game would "feel a bit like Firefly," the one-season science fiction series with a cult following. If the community team is not using any of his code and doesn't have much to go on in the way of a story or feature set, it'll more or less be their own game, just using 0x10c's name.

The team building this game says it has no intention of monetizing their work — it'll be released free-to-play — but they may solicit donations to fund the project. This kind of thing has gotten others into sticky situations in the past, and 0x10c is a Mojang trademark. Kotaku emailed Persson for his thoughts on this but didn't receive a reply by publication time.

Notch Puts 0x10c On Ice, Community Picks Up Torch [USGamer]

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    Given how he handled mine craft, I've been waiting for this. He's an idea guy, hut doesn't have the focus to complete anything. Jeb took over a game with so much half finished content it's not even funny.

      You're definitely being generous there by saying 'half'...

      Yeah; it takes more than just getting the ball rolling to get a game released. I just hope that 0x10c turns out to be decent

    What ever happened to the "scrolls" game he was making.... after all that mess with Bethesda over the naming... you'd have thought he would be completing it....

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