Minecraft Creator's Latest Is...A Zombie Game (And It's Free)

Minecraft Creator's Latest Is...A Zombie Game (And It's Free)

Game jams are fantastic for short, focused games. Couple that with Notch's ability to make polished gems for jams, and what you get is Shambles — an FPS zombie game developed for the 7DFPS challenge.

Yeah, another zombie game. Fortunately, this one is pretty good! You can play it in your browser here, or download it here. Some tips: civilians drop health, soldiers don't shoot you but they do drop ammo if you kill them. Now go see how high a score you can get.

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(Via Indie Games)


    Pretty fun for a thirty second blast, then.... its done. But for a 7 day challenge, thats a good effort.

    And the Soldier DO shoot at you if you shoot them.

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      Yeah, but only if you shoot at them first. Otherwise they leave you alone. So you can let them fight the zombies and pick up their guns.

        Sometimes. They started shooting me for no reason before :(

        But then, 7 days coding and all, bound to be buggy. Still pretty impressive!

          Did you shoot a civilian? They shoot you if you shoot a civilian.

    Will give it a shot. I'm a fan of Notch's attention to game design.

    Soldiers drop badass wepons, but yeah its lacking content - he should polish it and turn it into a proper game

    There are a lot of awesome games in the 7DFPS jam. For example, I made a game where enemies are visible only in reflections. People who have played it really like it. It makes for some really cool stealth and provides a unique challenge.


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