Minions! Moral Decisions! Dragon Age Inquisition Is Sounding Good

Is the third time going to be the charm for BioWare's Dragon Age franchise? If this dev diary is accurate to how the game is turning out, it just might!

You're an inquisitor. You run the place. You send minions on quests. You make moral decisions. And the game you're in looks damn good.

Inquisition is set for release late next year on PC, next-gen consoles as well as PS3 and Xbox 360.


    First time was the charm... People just don't like sloppy seconds...

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      I'm with you there, strange really. I played #1 to death and quite liked it but never felt any compulsion to even try #2

        I started 2, but quickly lost interest. There was nothing compelling to push me forward.

      Yeah, the first one was my Game of the Year (and many other peoples') and was massively successful (arguably to the detriment of Dragon Age 2, which seemed to get rushed out before they had time to draw more than a handful of interiors to be recycled ad nauseum).

    Looks like it's going to be a fight between Witcher 3 and DA3 for the fantasy RPG crown. After DA2, personally I'm going to have to be convinced...

    Any word on importing your characters from DA1 or DA2? Not that I care about Hawke, more so my DA1 main play through.

      They said that it was a feature they were definitely meaing to integrate, if i'm not mistaken.

    I caught up with Cameron Lee recently and he's a top bloke!

    And he's Australian! \o/

    Also the game is looking good.

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    Too bad the game traded tactical combat for yet another 3rd person view action combat. I'll skip that one and will stick with the Kickstarted isometric RPGs like Project Eternity, Wasteland 2 and Torment.

    Late next year? If the game is going to be fully features and properly polished, I'm willing to wait. Heck, take another two years if you need Bioware. I'd rather one mind blowing game every three years than an average game annually.

    And God, please let it be graphically good. Mass Effect had some really top notch graphics and conversations but DA's graphics were really under par and the characters looked and conversed like mannequins. If DA could look as good as Mass Effect then heck yes!

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      I think they said it was running on Frostbite 3 which is the engine for Battlefield 4 so I would imagine it looks pretty good.

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