Mysterious Pokemon Image Might Be Teasing Something. But What? [UPDATE]

Mysterious Pokemon Image Might Be Teasing Something. But What? [UPDATE]

Today, the Pokemon Game Show in Japan revealed a few things, like a new Pokemon anime that follows Pokemon Red and Green. You can watch the trailer for that above. And, according to Serebii, at the end of a different retrospective trailer aired during the show, the following mysterious image of a battle was showcased:

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Blurry, but that…looks like a game, right? A console game, maybe — the Wii U could handle those graphics. Some guess it might be a new Colosseum game, or a new Pokemon Battle Revolution. Some are playing it safe and assume it’s just some sort of promotional CGI that isn’t representative of anything in particular. It might even be something they’ve shown before. All possible! Just know that the likelihood of this being a Pokemon game like the ones on handheld are low; Game Freak thinks those games are best suited for handhelds.

UPDATE: now there’s video! Uploaded by SIZUMA1, see this for yourself:

We’ve contacted Nintendo to ask about this, and will update if we hear back. For now, what do you think this teases, if anything?

(Via Serebii)


  • New anime based on Red and Green………..YES! Love those guys. Surely will be better than Ash even though ASH is based on Red. If they make him as cool as he is in the manga then it should be awesome imo

  • Considering every other piece of footage shown in the video was attached to the appropriate console, and this footage was not, along with the fact that we’ve never seen this footage before and the rest of the footage was from previous games, I think we have something new to look forward to…

      • I saw it more of a general advertisement for what has come before (the standard Pokemon games, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon Dungeon, the TCG, that odd Japanese arcade game with discs, etc.), as well as what’s coming next, which is Pokemon X/Y. The date that’s shown at the end is the Japanese launch date for Pokemon X/Y, so this certainly lends credence to the idea.

  • Dammit!!! After all these months of ragging on the WiiU; I may now have to buy one just to play this!!!
    The humanity!!

  • When I first saw the tease, I just assumed it would be for “Pokemon Stadium U”. But my friend brought up the fact that Lucario is in Smash Bros, and that Blaziken is a fighting type. So my friend believes this is a hint to Blaziken getting added to the Smash Bros roster.

    • Unlikely, Smash Bros wasn’t shown in the retrospective section of the trailer and both Pokemon and Smash Bros franchises are from different studios. Smash Bros U is also using a slimmed down roster. This means less accessory characters and is focusing more on characters core to their franchises and characters that have been skipped over in past (Megaman). Blaziken does not fit into any of these categories and I do not believe Lucario is in the WiiU version either.

      My money is on a new Stadium using the 3DS’s ability to link up with the WiiU, it’s about time one was released and all the technology is in place for such a game to release.

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