Nerd Vandalism Is Serious Business

Nerd Vandalism Is Serious Business

Originally posted as a Vine by the duo of Jack and Jack, this short clip shows why you shouldn't mess with bow tie thugs.

Nerd Style Vandalism [Vine]


    woooo boy. . . this article is gonna get some flames. . .

    To support what Ruen just said...

    Did they really need to make a gif of the vine video? it's literally the same length and loads faster.

      It's actually better as a gif. The low res, choppy, audio free version is actually funnier in my opinion, though I can't explain why.

    Man I can browse Imgur all day and come up with dozens of articles.. So can I have a job working for Gawker?

      Only if you promise to forget 3/4 of the time to reference where you got it!

        Deal! When do I start?!

          Two weeks ago! You're a model employee already!

            No... I'm pretty sure these 2 comments alone exceed an employee's daily maximum allowed word count. That virtual ink ain't cheap you know.

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