New Video Game Shows How Thrilling It Is To Text While You Drive

This game, designed by my friend Holden Link for the Ludum Dare jam this past weekend, is a more effective tool for caution than any PSA or lecture. Send it to every teenage driver you know. Please don't download it on your phone and try to play while driving.

Download right here.


    So its the unity car tutorial with a phone added to it, clever. Although, I'm reasonably sure that you aren't aloud to use pre made assets for ludum dare, especially if they aren't made by yourself.

    Last edited 27/08/13 11:35 am

      It's a clever idea, and he says right on the website that he modified the racing demo.

        Yeah, that's not the problem, I was just under the impression that you weren't aloud to do stuff like that for ludum dare, cos I know guys that have been disqualified before just cos they used old assets that they've made before, cos you are meant to make EVERYTHING in the time span...

          Sorry to be that guy but it hurts every time you misspell allowed.

    This could be a good addition to the L/P1/P2 drivers license test...

    No means no damn it! I told you it was over last week!

    I think that car is due for a pink slip. Tyres don't seem to be too good.

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