New Zelda For 3DS Gets Handsome Boxart With Intriguing Icon

New Zelda For 3DS Gets Handsome Boxart With Intriguing Icon

Here's the excellent box art for November 22's Nintendo 3DS (and 2DS — wow that feels weird) game The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Hey, listen! What's that orange icon in the top right corner?

Why, that's the logo for the Nintendo Network, which indicates that a game might have online multiplayer or support DLC.

I knew that A Link Between Worlds was a sequel to the Super Nintendo classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I did not know it might have online multiplayer or DLC or any other Nintendo Network functionality.

Did you?

Let's do it like this in the comments below: name the best possible thing this could represent and the worst.


    Lets hope there is an online mode like The Four Swords

    I wonder if it's compatible enough they could just dump a copy of A Link to the Past's maps in there, smooth out the edges and release a remaster as a DLC pack.

      Completely unrelated, but I am currently reading “The Blade Itself” by Joel Abercombrie and there is a character named Dogman. Don’t suppose that’s where you got your name?

        Nope. I predate that book by many years. =P

          Hope you're getting royalties at least.

            they paid for his surgery make his doodle look like lipstick

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              Following this thread, it seems the core of the conversation just keeps getting better.

          I've always wondered whether you are related to prominent Eurogamer commenter Dogmanstar - or are indeed - one and the same.

          A long shot - but one of the mysteries of the universe that keep me awake at night wondering....

            Nope, no relation to anything. Well, I'm opinionated, have a short fuse, zero tolerance for society in general and dance like an angel, so I guess Duckman must have been an influence at some point.

    + Co-Op
    - In-App Purchases

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      SIr, you bestow upon me nightmares.

        100 Rupees short of buying that shield??? $4.95 buys you 200 Rupees so you'll have enough spare to buy one of the many, many collectible hats!!!

        while your at it, why not buy some of our classic link skin packs? Choose from, N64 Link, Wind Waker Link, Adult Link, Baby Link! Only $2.95 each!!!

    i know phantom hourglass actually had a neat online multiplayer, i forget if spirit tracks had one, so if Link between worlds has one it should be somewhat good.

    Maybe you have to pay a "micro-transaction fee" every time you change between the light world and the dark one.

      Nintendo would never do that. They would feel it would "Lower the value of our intellectual properties."

      The only real payed DLC they've done is the New Super Mario Brothers 2 extra levels, which are over-priced, but definitely not an attempt to rip people off.

      Then there's New Super Luigi U, which is effectively a whole new game.

    OH BOY! i cant wait to play thi-- oh wait.. i played it 18 years ago..

      oh wait ... i thought this was a new game... my bad i assumed that this was the "sequel" ...

    A Link to The Past was THE game that got me hooked on gaming when i was about 6 or so, im sooooooo looking forward to this!

    It will probably have Miiverse integration or something. Miiverse/NNID update for 3DS should be released by then, no?

    Beautiful design. Too bad I keep all my DS games in a small folder outside of their cases.

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