Next-Gen Graphics Engine Even Makes Water Evaporation Look Amazing

Next-Gen Graphics Engine Even Makes Water Evaporation Look Amazing

In Crysis studio Crytek’s latest CryEngine tech demo, we can catch the engine’s insane next-gen graphical capabilities. The best are the water effects shown in the above GIF. As the sun rises, the water dries up! That’s great.

You can check the whole video below, including footage from Ryse and Crysis 3.

The engine will work with games made for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3.

CRYENGINE Demo [YouTube]


  • But in what game are you standing around long enough to watch water evaporate. It looks great, but seems kinda superfluous for a game.

    • just because you can’t see a use for it doesn’t mean other’s can’t.

      I think it’s an extra level of immersion, for one I think it would be fantastic for racing games with procedural weather.

    • I dunno, man, seeing liquid actually behave like liquid is something you don’t see often in games. It probably has other applications beyond evaporating puddles. I’d like to see a character take a drink, and have it look like they’re actually taking a drink.

    • If this was in something like GTA5, it could affect the slickness of the road in just those puddles, making it a relevant game mechanic as well as pretty.

      True artistic mastery comes not from the single stroke of the brush, but from the thousands of smaller strokes that make up the whole. Subtle effects like these when all running together is what will help to create better immersion in games.

    • Depends on the game.

      Just think if Far Cry 3 had been made with CryEngine. Little things like that and other features would have added so much to the variety and believably of the environments. Even if you weren’t sitting there watching it. All these little things going on would make the overall world more real and varied.

      • I can see this being implemented in other engines like Frostbite 3. Would be great with the changing weather conditions in the new Battlefield game.

        • Looks like FB is trying to do catch up to cry engine with FB3. So I’m sure all of this stuff will be coming.

          Little details like this do lead to the.. so freaking cool moments in games.

    • Well, there are always games that aren’t about running from point A to point B with as many explosions as possible. I mean there’s always the stealth genre to try… oh wait… the new “Thief” game is going to kill off stealth in AAA for the foreseeable future because the devs apparently don’t understand it. 🙁

    • I’m all for having realistic water/weather in games, I just hope devs are focusing on making fun games first. Who knows? Maybe Evaporation Simulator 2014 is the funnest game I never played. I wonder if they’ll do a grass growing simulation next?

    • I always stood around watching Lara’s clothes dry in TR: Legend when it first came out. Not enough games do it properly. I’ve been playing Dragon’s Dogma lately and the wet state looks ugly and then you just go back to dry state.

  • So a Xbone/PS4 with video cards from last series….. have how much hope of seeing this?

    • They will do it no hassle! And by no hassle I mean at a far reduced capability compared to the then current gen PCs. But they will get it to work, there’s too many console gamers to whine otherwise.

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