Nintendo 2DS Vs 3DS: A Direct Comparison

Nintendo 2DS vs. 3DS: A Direct Comparison

Wondering how Nintendo's newest piece of portable hardware stacks up to their older pieces of portable hardware?

Via Nintendo of Europe, here's a nifty little chart to show you all of the differences between the company's three different 3DS models. Yes, the 2DS is a 3DS model. If you find that confusing, well, you're not alone.

Nintendo 2DS vs. 3DS: A Direct Comparison


    Why doesn't the 3DS XL include a charger? Do you have to buy it separately?

    Nintendo is crazy like a fox. But in a real way. Not in a sarcastic, Kaz Hirai kind of way.

    Considering the savings I'm tempted to get one.

    Also didn't know the Power Adapter wasn't included in the 3DSXL, how does that work?

      I think they're included in all Australian copies, just not the American and European ones.

        Only European doesn't get power adapter

          That seems an odd choice doesn't it?

            Saves on cost if people had a DS as they use the same power adapter.

              But what about individuals like myself who didn't? Ahh well, doesn't matter for us I guess :P

                Yep, then you had to buy a separate one - I'd assume (hopefully!) that they were readily available.

    Great! Now make me a 2DS XL and I'll be out to buy it the day it hits our shores.

      Yeah my first thought when seeing this was "Why no larger screen?" but of course it has to be coming eventually.

        I doubt there will be a 2DS XL. The sole purpose of this version is to make it cheaper - it's a budget-friendly 3DS. A larger screen would push prices up. Besides, you don't get premium versions of budget versions.

          After I did a bit more research it looks like you're probably right, bummer. =(

    I don't think most people have pants pockets that big!

    I guess it will still be "region locked"

    Why would Nintendo make a 2DS if its like a 3DS but with no 3D on it. The 2DS is a waste of money don't buy it un less you want to waste you money. Maybe I would buy one if they make a XL version of the 2DS.

    ... I already had a 3DS but still bought a 3DSXL (plus a circle pad pro) in the Monster Hunter Tri special release pack. If they do a Legend of Zelda special release with a very nice cover, I'll probably get this too...

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