Nintendo's Brighter Gaming Future

Amid much ado about Nintendo's high 3DS sales and low Wii U sales, we've also got an updated chart of game release dates from the House of Mario. This one shows the major releases for both Nintendo consoles, though it surely omits most of the surprise downloadable releases the company loves to dole out.

What can we learn from these charts?

1) The 3DS hit streak appears to be endless.

2) The Wii U's 2014 is looking...pretty good! Especially if some of those TBDs come out next year.

The above chart is for the United States (all of North America, most likely).

Below are the charts for Europe and Japan. It sucks for Japan to have to wait until next year for their Link to the Past sequel. But, hey, they don't have to wait forever for Prof. Laytons.

Launch Schedule of Primary Nintendo Products by Region, July 2013 - [PDF; Nintendo]


    Welp. Looks like I'm going to pick up a wiiu and a 3ds now.

    I love nintendo but i still think they should release mario kart 7 and smash bros sooner. 2014 is so far away :(

      If you release a game before it's ready, you get Sonic '06.

    It's only 5-6 months until we're getting some of those first quarter 2014 titles which isn't that bad. I'm actually more surprised that the 3DS lineup for Eur is larger then Jap for 3DS even though some of those titles may already be released there it's still interesting because it seems after that block of games is released might there be a dry games period (though since i'll be playing x and y for months I'm sure I wont even notice)

    So literally two games aimed at adults in the next year.

    Nintendo really needs to grow up if they want to survive. Kids are not growing up playing nintendo games, they grow up playing free or $1 games on tablets and phones.

    It seems they are trying to convince nintendo fanboys to buy consoles, and there just aren't enough of them left to make a profitable gaming system.

    It's good to see Nintendo is making new video game franchises and not re-hashing old stuff

    Four games for WiiU in 2014, three of those presumably after June?

    The future looks dire :-(
    Yes I have a wiiU but.... seriously nintendo - you need more games.

    I'm boycotting 3D World, DK tropical freeze and Wind Waker HD.

    Sure I'm probably missing out. But personally I've had enough of this crap.

    Those games should have come out after the Mario, Rare, and Zelda games we really wanted to be released. And I'm thinking if the true big, fresh guns were pulled out this year to early next, Nintendo may have had a chance.

    ;:::cancels PS4 preorder::::

    Wont be needing that anymore.... Upgrade my PC to at least 3x of the PS4 ($300 video card), and pick up a Wii U... All I need this xmas.

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