Nintendo's Latest Plan To Explain The Wii U: Jokes!

Nintendo's latest stab at improving the messaging around the Wii U involves jokes. Everyone likes jokes!

Here we see a new Nintendo UK ad featuring British comedian Rufus Hound. Nintendo seems to have seen Sony's pitchman Kevin Butler and thought, "You know what, we need someone like that!"

The results are mixed, though it's good to see them running ads that directly explain what the Wii U is and what makes it interesting. Less good: That Hound begins with a joke about how really, good games don't need the Wii U gamepad in the first place.


    Cheesy and just a bit of cringe, but gets the message across far better than any other Wii U advert previously.

    Someone accidentally embedded a Wii U video with no jokes.

    So the Wii U gamepad makes the Wii better?

    Too bad the first half implies that it's just a new controller for the existing Wii. The second half makes it clear that it's a whole new console but with people's attention spans these days...

    Seconds 1-5 seemed like the Wii U was going to be pushed by a sex offender. Glad it picked up after that.

    But yeah. Kevin Butler he is not, and it still doesn't really indicate that the Wii U isn't an add-on for the Wii (yes, we all know that, but I still know Wii owners who don't get that).

    The flame jobs, bacon and cherries are great... but where are the hot rods, burgers and sundaes Nintendo?

    Still suffers probably the biggest problem the Wii U has faced, that heaps of people don't realise it's actually a new console.
    It's been out for nearly a year and I still run into people who see this Wii U stuff and just assume there's a new Wii controller like the flop that was the uDraw.

    I wish they would release an advert with just some guy holding the gamepad on a white background.

    It would only go for about 5 seconds, and the man will just say:

    "It's a new console guys."


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    I need a Wii U to swap my 'gun' to my 'really big gun'.

    (I did get the pun about 'the tiny sword of flaming truth'!)

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    Time to rebrand the console slightly.

    Change the logo so the Wii is small and the U is large, then start calling the console the 'U'

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