No More New PlayStation Home Content For Japan

No More New PlayStation Home Content for Japan

Today, Sony announced that PlayStation Home will no longer be updated with new content in Japan. In an official release, Sony stated that starting this September, new PlayStation Home content will end in Japan. It will end in other Asian regions in March 2014.

New PlayStation Home content will continue to be released in North America and Europe.

日本を含むアジア地域での新規コンテンツ配信停止のお知らせ [Sony]

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    Does anybody actually use Home?

      Its one of those ideas like voice commands that seems really cool in theory but in practice is a thousand times slower than using menus. I did like the E3 booth they setup in there but the only reason I used it was to get a DUST 514 beta key.

      I check it out maybe once every six months, and there seems to be a fair number of people online (many speaking other European languages in the chat).

      And it seems there is new content added to the in-world stores every week, so presumably there are enough people who buy things to make it worth while continuing (in Europe and US regions, at least).

    Yeah I believe one of the big failures of Playstation Home was how sluggish it felt, load times were incredibly long, if they did a bit of a revamp on ps4 that was lightning quick for making parties in games or had some actual benefit like sharing data (screenshots/gameplay movies)with users it may have a use.

    I use playstation home to hang out with my sister and brother who live quite a bit away......Facebook would be easier if I had a facebook thingy....but I kind of like going to the casino or the fun park with them.

    Its odd and not very efficient but with a bit of fault blindness it all works.

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