No, That's Not Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Even If The Image Is Full Of Dogs

It's just someone on Reddit messing around in ArmA III's editor. Good to see so many breeds in-game, but I'd also like to see the frame rate when so many creatures are on screen at the same time.


    That's one...

    *dips sunglasses*

    Hell of a dogfight.



      *dips sunglasses*

      let the dogs out?


        He must have had

        *dips sunglasses*

        a dog of a day!


          I think you're

          *dips glasses*

          barking up the wrong tree


    I did something similar with sheep. Only I was in an AH9 & had rockets & miniguns.

    What? How do you THINK chops are made?

      I did that, but i was testing my innovative new "instant mince" idea with a M203 grenade launcher!

    Since the war started this country's really...

    *dips sunglasses*

    Gone to the dogs


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