No, This Final Fantasy Character Didn't Say 'F**kball'

Well, I don't think he did. This new trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is a little over two minutes. But the last several seconds are what might raise eyebrows. Skip to around 1:50 to see, er, hear what I'm talking about.

While it sounds like Sazh is saying "blasted fuckball", I believe he's actually saying "blasted fluffball" or "blasted fuzzball", But "blasted fuckball" sure is difficult to unhear.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be out this November in Japan. It will be out next February in the West, blasted fuckballs, I mean fluffballs, and all.


    Oh damn, if he didn't really say it, the soundbite 100% sounds like he did LOL

    The first time I saw that trailer that's exactly what I thought he said. Though I can now hear him saying fluffball it's still rather easy to imagine he said otherwise.

    so bad

    It's weird, if i listen to it with the intent of hearing 'fuckball', i totally hear it, but if i adjust my expectation to 'fluffball', it's just fluffball.

    I'm gonna pretend this article doesn't exist and just interpret it how it sounds.

    Laugh it up Fuzzball. He says "Fluffball" though, you can hear the "ff" sound before the "ball".

    Hehe. Reminds me of 'flock off featherface' from Devil May Cry. It took me forever to hear that properly.

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