Now You Can Paint Your Chivalry Character Pretty, Pretty Colours

Now You Can Paint Your Chivalry Character Pretty, Pretty Colours

When I hear the phrase “Medieval Warfare”, I mostly think of dark colours, grey armour and black blood spraying upon ramparts. I don’t really think of pretty colours.

But to celebrate their game’s runaway success (it sold a not-too-shabby 1.2 million copies since its launch 9 months ago), the people who make Chivalry: Medieval Warfare have added character customisation to the game. Look at all the colours:

Now You Can Paint Your Chivalry Character Pretty, Pretty Colours

Now, when you engage in your maniac, low-grav swordfights, you’ll have a much easier time telling each character apart.


  • Half the time I forget what team I’m on and which colour to kill. I’m totally screwed now….

    • This happens to me when I get auto-balanced and I don’t notice, I just start going to town on some poor team-mate.

  • Couldn’t deal with the poor optimisation, gave up on Chivalry after an hour or so. PVK2, so much smoother and more fun 🙂

    • Played PVK2 for an hour or so, couldn’t deal with the poorly optimised character and team balance. Chakan, so much smoother and more fun.

    • How long has it been since you played?

      When it first came out I only managed log about 8 hours before I gave up on it. There’s been a few updates since then and it feels a whole lot better.

      • A few weeks ago. My PC isn’t amazing but I can run most games nicely, I just get really frustrated when I feel like my PC has to brute force games that are poorly optimised, a la Natural Selection 2, GTA4.

  • its a fun game which I put many hours into, however the community is fairly immature for example; rampant use of the word “fag” and votekicks being proposed every few minutes. If you can put up with that crap no doubt you’ll have fun. New skins might get me to have another crack at it.

  • The problem comes from being able to make you look neutral. Just had some games, friend of mine was essentually playing as a TF2 spy. That said we look damn good decked out in our matching outfits. Now all the playas know we roll together. (Cept Im rubbish compared to me friends)

  • The funny thing about this article is that medieval armies were colourful. Any armor open to the sun quickly heats up in warm weather. Pretty much the only visible armor was plate, and only mounted noblemen wore much of that. Most soldiers (including cavalry) wore tabards displaying their lord’s colours over their armor. Stealth wasn’t a part of warfare back then, and when you’re in the middle of a melee it’d be helpful to be able to tell friend or foe with a quick glance.

    • Which will be the problem
      With every person rocking a different tabard how they hell are you suppose to know who is on your team. Also consider team balance and round changes so it will change constantly

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