Of Course There's A Sailor Moon Mod For Doom

Bless modders that make it possible to say there's probably a mod for everything — including, in this case, a Sailor Moon mod for Doom 2.

Here's the gist, as captured by footage by BankaiIchigo12345: you get to play as our favourite magical girl herself, Sailor Moon. Naturally this means you can use the iconic Moon Stick. Natch you get to vanquish enemies with the power of love while the Sailor Moon theme song plays in the background. And in case if wasn't obvious that this is no mere amateur mod, your callouts are all in Japanese. As they should be.

This may not be a new mod, but that doesn't make it any less amazing in my books.

Thanks, Ben.

Sailor Moon mod for Doom-2 [ BankaiIchigo12345]


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