Off Topic: What Scares You?

First off: something that makes me feel cool. I am not afraid of heights. At all. I don't know why, but I've always enjoyed being in high spaces. I did a parachute jump and felt nothing. But you know what I am scared of: enclosed spaces. Lock me up in a cupboard and I'll be a gibbering wreck within two minutes. I just can't control that fear.

So today's Off Topic question is simple: what scares you?

Spiders? Heights? Cockroaches? Jeremy Irons?

That Jeremy Irons guy is terrifying.

Here's another thing that scares the crap out of me for some random reason: someone or something pushing up against my heart. I can't even sleep with my heart placed upon the mattress without freaking out.

Actually, it's not random at all. Screw you Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and screw you Mola Ram.


    That picture scares me... Spider with radioactive glowing mandibles...

    And Tony Abbott becoming PM

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      OK, say we rule out Abbott. What is your alternative then?

      Sadly, you only have one alternative: Kevin "Kardashian" Rudd.

      The greens nor independents will never govern because they do not have the numbers to form government.

      Rudd being the option left is not a good thing. First and foremost when he was PM years ago he hardly spent any time in Australia and spent a significant about of time abroad (and at one point abused a air hostess because his short flight had no in-flight lunch).

      And when he got axed as PM, he did everything he could by proxy to ensure Julia Gillard did not get a fair go. Granted, it was also half her fault for not roping him in and putting him back in his place but that pales in his frequent puppet master and constantly feeding the leadership spill mill.

      Even without focusing on him, the Labor party itself has behaved in an unprofessional manner.

      Look at the pink batts scheme. Good idea at the time but it was only possible thanks to the surplus the Howard government had left behind. So contrary to popular belief the batts were not free: Australia as a whole paid for them via taxes to the Howard Government.

      Then it all went awry when the standard somehow got dropped. Instead of batts, sheet insulation was installed by contractors that were well below Australian standards. That is how some houses caught fire and some became live: the sheets were put in over power cabling and then stapled when the sheeting is meant to be installed 'under' the wood work making up the roof.

      Then there was the disaster of the school project schemes. Extensions were being built but at hyper inflated prices.

      These and other projects are what lead to the rapid draining of the surplus and thus resulting in the huge deficit we have now.

      Then there is the carbon tax and the dismantling of border protection. Sore issues I know but then again there never was going to be a 100% acceptance of them either.

      The carbon tax had a fatal flaw: if a company passed on the tax to a consumer the consumer maybe entitled to tax rebates. This pretty much knocked out any incentive to drop the polluting provider and find a green alternative. The only reason the tax was put there was because the Greens demanded it and Labor basically let themselves be held to ransom.

      Now border protection. I know a lot of people are going to hate my view put please hear me out.

      I for one support it: not because I am heartless, I know there are those desperate to flee for the sake of their lives. But I support it because there are those that are taking advantage the refugee system and we as a nation are entitled to decide who comes in and who doesn't to ensure the safety of citizens within.

      Despite how bizarre this sounds, the following two cases do exist and have happened before.

      First case for border protection is to make sure that those who come to the shores are legitimate. There have been cases where those who are well off take this route because it means they can bypass the usual immigration check and get the refugee handouts.

      The second case (and the one that concerns me) are those who are in fact criminals. For example, if one commits a crime (such as murder or rape) the crime will try to flee as a refugee to here. Due to legal limbo even though the one in question has done something wrong, we cannot send him back because his life is in danger. If I remember right, in some places the penalty for rape is death which is why some come here as refugees fearing for their life even though they damaged someone else's.

      Do not get me wrong though, the Coalition is not without its faults. The main one is Tony Abbott needs to have his mouth surgically removed. His team is fine, but he just doesn't know when the shut up.

      It also looks bad that he has not revealed his costings. But the bigger question is, how can he? I'm even skeptical when he says the planned projects have been costed because how can his treasurer make any costings when Labor has the books?

      As far as I am aware, the nation books are only accessible to the current government.

      It is also likely the NBN will be shut down. I personally liked the idea but it has been implemented in such a manner it was far more expensive than it should have been. And it is sad that the Coalition will never look at it and find a way to clean up the mess.

      And finally, work choices. We can safely say they will not come back. Any hint of it coming back will be political suicide for the Coalition.

      To close (as this is getting far too long) both the Coalition and Labor are unpopular choices but then again the election coming up is not about popularity. It is about who has the experience to run the nation.

      If you look at the adds alone, the Coalition has already won because Labor are using the 'cut' word like a broken vinyl and have yet to provide an actual source. How can Labor say there will be cuts if the costings have not been released? Or a budget for that matter?

      The only way the Coaltion can lose is if someone doesn't hurry up and put the breaks on Abbott's out of control motor mouth.


          Ummm....I missed the part where you mentioned what you were scared of.

            low temperatures, i assumed.

              I think that comment was directed at me. While not intended some passages of my post do come off as a bit "enthusiastic".

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                Just remember: One man's enthusiastic is another man's unhinged.

                  *Puts hands up*

                  Yeap: I should not have said Abbott needs to have his mouth surgically removed.

                  And this is the last I am saying of this here: I'm so far off topic I'm pushing my luck here.

        With a lot of your points against Labor, particularly the pink batts and school projects scheme (@5:38) I give you this video:

        As for something like work choices, I sincerely doubt anyone could make any sort of guarantee that it would absolutely not come back under a coalition government, political suicide or not.
        Re: Asylum seekers, assuming that you really are so very concerned about the welfare of the asylum seekers, wouldn't the more humanitarian response then be to improve the processing of asylums so they don't need to resort to using boats?

        Maybe it's my bias showing, but I haven't really seen any signs that an Abbott government would necessarily be better at managing the economy let alone the country aside from pointing out Labor's deficits.

    Spiders, enclosed spaces, stuff near my neck...

    Basically if you want to fuck my head up, lock me in a cupboard with a tie made of funnel webs

    Just be aware that you won't survive the experience long enough to gloat

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    Lizards. D:

      I honestly felt very uncomfortable talking to Wrex in Mass Effect.

      At Dreamworld the other day I might've cowered when I saw a lizard. @sughly, @freezespreston and @mythamphetamine can confirm that. XD

        OMG, are you my wife? My wife if petrified of lizards. I remember being at Dreamworld a few years ago and she saw a lizard. She remained in the food hall for the rest of the day.

        I think one of my main fears is being in confined spaces. I hate it.

        Can totally confirm.

        Also, bananas and polystyrene/cotton balls. Give me all the heights and enclosed spaces and snakes and spiders you want, just keep that styrofoam box filled with bananas the hell away from me.

    getting old.
    like, not-being-able-to-look-after-yourself old.

    Edit: also @dc

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    I'm not deathly afraid of anything, but more cautious of things. A flock of pigeons in the street is dangerous, especially with a kid running towards them. Snakes I'm a bit weeeerrrrrreee about, but most bugs and animals I know that as long as you leave them alone, they'll do nothing to you.

    The Omen (original) scared the shit out of me though. My dad let me watch it when I was 8. Not a good idea.

    I'm most scared about the thought of the kids on 4chan one day growing up and running the world

    Spiders / insects.

    I also get completely freaked out if anything goes near my eyes.

    Spiders are one of only two things that can legitimately terrify me.

    The other being @dc.

    Dying before achieving my dream.

    Colobus Monkeys becoming endangered!

      AAARRRGH!!!!!!!!! ITS @DC RUN!!!!!

    Spiders... and the thought of getting to work one day to find that Kotaku has been taken offline..... permanently *gasp*

    Strife at home and abroad! D:

    Aaron Sorkin abandoning TV! :'(

    Indoor flooding. Like, leaving a tap on with a blocked drain or an overflowing toilet.

    Getting phone calls between 9pm and 5am

    Mental illness and death. The thought of losing touch with reality in any way really.

    Heights (or, to be more accurate, the implied fall and sudden stop). Spiders used to really freak me out - look at some pictures of wolf spider bites and you'll see why... but then after spending years only encountering huntsmen, garden spiders and golden orbs, that turned into general curiosity and intrigue. Snakes are awesome - I wanted a children's python as a pet when I was a kid... was very disappointed when we got a puppy. That's not to say I'll happily pick up a snake or spider with my bare hands - no more than I'd pick up a dog I'm not familiar with. That's just asking for trouble.
    Wasps are pretty terrifying. At least you know bees will be somewhat hesitant to sting you, given the whole death thing; wasps will do it for giggles.
    Oh, and drowning. Suffice to say that getting sucked into a small underwater tunnel filled with sharp rocks and coral was not a pleasant experience...

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      It's not the height that kills you, it's the ground at the bottom.

    Slow internet, comparable to 56k.

    O, horrible! most horrible! If thou hast nature in thee, bear it not!

    The realization that I will go through my whole life without ever understanding what consciousness is or how the universe came to be. Actually, that's more frustrating than it is 'scary'.

    EDIT: Also @dc of course. :P

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