Oh Good, The 3DS Ninja Breast Physics Sim Is Coming To North America

Oh Good, The 3DS Ninja Breast Physics Sim Is Coming To North America

Oh Good, The 3DS Ninja Breast Physics Sim Is Coming To North America

The original Senran Kagura was created because designer Kenichiro Takaki thought it would be a good idea to use the 3DS to look at breasts in 3D. Thrilled with the results, he made a sequel, and now that sequel is coming to North America this fall. Oh boy.

Considering the current gaming climate in North America, publisher XSEED could have picked any number of better times to announce Marvellous AQL’s Senran Kagura Burst. Maybe a couple of years ago, or an alternate timeline where nothing we’ve been discussing for months and months exists. Either they are incredibly ballsy (perhaps bouncingly so), or they chose poorly.

Perhaps they are fuelled by the strange (well, mildly inappropriate) success the game series has enjoyed in Japan. It’s an anime and book series over there, as well as the inspiration for so much fan-made porn its crazy.

Either way, the side-scrolling boob-em-up is coming to North American 3DS this fall. It’ll be a digital download-only title, because who would show up at the store in to buy this in person?

Aside from me. For work.

Oh Good, The 3DS Ninja Breast Physics Sim Is Coming To North America


  • I dunno, it’s embarassing to see games like this…but is there still a place for this kind of thing in gaming? If we want it to grow as its own artform then maybe we shouldn’t do everything we can to name and shame titles who decide to take advantage of the male’s blatant desire to look at boobs? Surely we can live in a world where games like Journey AND games like Dead Or Alive are allowed to exist together?

    I understand that sexism in gaming is an important topic right now, and there’s merit to the opinion that games like this only further exclude women from the world of gaming by pandering directly to the men-folk (even though I’m sure there’d still be a number of women who would still play and enjoy this game, regardless of the boobs), but does the issue of sexism in games really have that much to with bouncing boobs, or is it more to do with the lack of strong, female characters who aren’t victimized for cheap motivations in the narrative?

    Sure, DOA’s focus on breast-physics and Dragon Crown’s exaggerated boobies are tasteless design desicions where you’d be embarassed playing the games with your parents in the room, but these kinds of games don’t exactly represent art style of the large majority of games which are out there (at least I don’t think so). If every mainstream title focussed on boobs then we’d probably have a real need to flip the table on the issue, but I feel that these games are the exception, not the rule, and in small amounts I don’t know if these games are doing any harm. As long as these kind of design choices don’t become the accepted standard, then why shouldn’t designers be able to have the freedom to aim for the lowest common denominator and offer a bti of fan-service? We allow comics, film, and anime to do so (within reason), so why does it have to be such a sensitive topic for games at the moment?

    There is a line that obviously shouldn’t be crosed and that probably will be different from person to person, so that would mean that some people will agree with me and some people won’t, and that’s totally fine. If anything this game is probably a bad example to use because I think it’s already tip-toeing just over the line (from what I’ve seen, i’ve never played it), but I used it as an excuse to vent some stuff I’ve been thinking about lately.

    TL:DR. as long as it doesn’t become the excepted norm for the standards of gaming and it doesn’t cross a reasonable line of decency, why shouldn’t we let the odd title focus on some cheap fan-service for the teenage boys who want it so badly?

      • Hear, hear! Boobs are awesome. If people want to engage in intellectual discussions on the larger issues surrounding sexism etc and provide welcoming, inclusive activities and games for people of all genders, ethnicity and etc, there is also a place for crass perving in the name of a very specific demographic’s gratification. More for everyone, I say! Serving one’s enjoyment should not mean diminishing another!

        Seriously. Don’t take away sexualized boobies. I really like them.

    • If we’re gonna get upset about sexism in games it SHOULD be about the lack of strong female characters and not the presence of bouncing bosoms. Women tend to have boobs and sometimes they are affected by physics. I don’t see a problem with games emulating this even if they do exaggerate it.

      I don’t have the link handy but the voice actress for the Sorceress in Dragons Crown and one of the Skullgirls characters was saying something to the effect of how she doesn’t believe the characters she’s voicing to be sexist simply because they have large breasts. After all the sorceress and Skullgirl character in question are strong ass-kickers and such. And she’s right. If tits are sexist then mastectomies for all.

      The lack of strong, engaging lady characters is far more offensive.

      Also I just like boobs and think people are getting their knickers in a twist over nothing.
      If X game uses them in such a way that offends you then it’s real easy to not play X game or read about X game or watch video of X game or have anything to do with X game.

    • In less humorous form – Dan’s right.

      This might not be a game for everyone, but acting like NO games are “allowed” to do this is gross hypocrisy and censorship.

      If some people like big animated breasts on a niche game, great. It’s not a symptom of the AAA industry in general.

  • I was debating purchasing a US 3DS as I don’t own a 3DS yet, this has helped my decision greatly.

    In regards to the whole embarrassing thing, other media (written and film) have this niche covered, there is no reason that all niches cannot be catered to in gaming also, acting like the gaming community as a whole does not want or like this kind of thing is absurd, let those who want to play it play it, and those who don’t want to, don’t,

      • You can purchase prepaid card codes online. That’s how I top up my US 3DS. Got to purchase all that SMTIV DLC 😉

        • Oh man, thanks for shedding light on my ignorance, now I am back to being pretty excited.

          Can catch up on a number of other great looking games I’ve been missing without a 3DS too. 🙂

    • As someone that has a US and an AU 3DS, you should be aware that you’ll lock yourself out of a lot of unexpected stuff by using a US one in Australia:
      – Many (most) games can’t streetpass between different-region versions of the same game. The basic streetpass stuff works but game-specific stuff usually doesn’t.
      – Local Wireless Multiplayer doesn’t work cross region for most of the games you’d actually want to do this with
      – Can’t do download play stuff
      – Have to screw around with prepaid point cards for digital stuff
      – There’s very little in the way of games that are available in the US and not in Australia / Europe

      • Yeah, they were some of the things that were keeping me on the fence. Mainly because I was unaware we could use pre-paid cards for DLC and such.

        I’m really not interested in online play or streetpass stuff as I’m pretty introverted and don’t have any real life friends/acquaintances who game on 3DS so that’s wasn’t a huge deal for me personally. I’m not too sure what download play stuff is exactly, so I will look into that some more, the pre-paid cards I do with PS3 anyway.

        I do appreciate the heads up though.

        • As long as you know what you’re getting into, it’s fine. I expected to have more of a benefit from having a US system than I actually ended up getting. My regret now is that I didn’t get an AU one and a JP one, though Senran Kagura was one of the main reasons I’d have gotten a JP system so I guess that’s gone now.

  • Yeah, games should be like movies where they target only the thinking man (& woman) with none of this titillation crap.

    Hopefully we’ll see a day where games grow up and act like the older mediums by only targeting one specific audience.

  • “because who would show up at the store in to buy this in person?”

    Me? O____o Oh c’mon. I can’t be the only one?

  • I am conflicted. On the one hand:
    “It’s basically softcore porn. The WORSTcore. We live in the age of the internet. If you really just wanna get off, you have access to… well. Anything and everything and a few things you probably hadn’t even thought of.”

    On the other hand:
    “Yeah, but it’s also a celebration of the aesthetically pleasing. You don’t fill your office with potted plants because you intend to fuck them, you do it because they’re nice to look at. Same goes with your gaming. Why not have some really nice scenery while you do your game thing? Just like ALL food is improved with the addition of bacon, there are few gaming experiences that can’t be enhanced with the addition of boobies.”

    “Thanks for keeping it civil, Internal Dialogue!”
    “You’re welcome.”

    • I wish there were a way to have this immortalised on every single article posted on Kotaku about boobies being bad. 😛

  • I don’t see why this has to exist. If you want to look at “boobs”, watch a movie, go on the internet, buy a magazine, seriously, that’s not enough for you guys? Why do we need this in the gaming world?

      • Is that what I said? Guys, as in “you guys”, you’ve never heard someone say that instead of ‘people’? Completely missed the point of my comment but OHkay.

    • Why do we need anything in the gaming world? For enjoyment. And a lot of people enjoy the boobs being there, enhancing the aesthetic, subtly charging the tone sexually. That’s actually a plus for a lot of people. You might not be those people, and there might actually be a very large number of people who don’t get that benefit or enhancement… but many of us do.

      So it doesn’t ‘need’ to be there any more or any less than anything else that contributes to the themes and subtexts of a video game.

      Yeah. We get it. Many people don’t want to see that because they feel that they aren’t the target market. No kidding – I’m not the target market for Starcraft 2 or Dark Souls, even though I know they’re awesome games and wish I could enjoy them if only it weren’t for the elements which piss me off. And you know, sometimes breasts are NOT sexual. Like when you have an 18yr old friend who discovers she has breast cancer and may lose one. They’re just organs, your mother has them, the odds are pretty good you sucked on them at some point, they’re susceptible to lethal cancer, they feed your children, they require expensive, sometimes uncomfortable maintenance (bra-shopping alone, apparently).

      They can exist in that context and that perspective, yes. Even for males (with perhaps some mental adjustment). But they are ALSO viewed sexually. It’s not black or white, this or that, sexual or not. It’s all these things at different times. And it all depends on where you’re standing and what you feel like at the time. Women, being closer to the routine, familiar perspective, probably don’t relate quite as readily to the sexual perspective. And maybe they don’t want to be put there seemingly by default, and resent it.

      Where a real problem is, is that the market these people are in isn’t being adequately serviced. And THAT’S the issue to be addressing, not that ‘there’s too much boobage in games’. Those who want it or expect it or ask for it (even if it’s silently, with our wallets) aren’t going to stop, and the people who want that money aren’t going to stop providing, because there is a place for it.

      • I don’t expect you to understand, at all. I guess this just rattles me because of personal experiences. I never had a problem with breasts, until the world became obsessed with them for the wrong reasons. Yes, I was breastfed, and I am a breastfeeding mother, so I know well and truly what they are made for. I can’t even explain my frustration. But that’s ok, the world is basically telling people like me to shut up and get used to it.

        • What are the ‘wrong reasons’? There are plenty of good reasons to be obsessed with breasts, and titillation is one of them. (Also, VERY much not a new obsession.)

  • I’m sorry but can Kotaku only allow Richard Eisenbeis to write reviews and opinion articles about JRPGs because he actually writes about how the game plays as well as the fan-service stuff?

    His review shows that we should accept the game for what it is, which is fan-service but delivered with good gameplay.

  • Okay, on a serious note.

    I would not want to play this game. Ridiculous sized boobs don’t really interest me.
    But some people like it, so let them play it.

    • And the editorial comment in the article actually gets me a little steamed. It’s more inappropriate than the content it criticizes, really.

      Mike needs to take a leaf out of the book of the woman organizing the Boob Jam for game devs. Author Jenn Frank. http://theboobjam.tumblr.com/ – It’s about adding more, not taking away.

      Her responses to all the typical reactionary internet hate have basically been – to paraphrase: ‘Hey! We get that you dig boobs in a sexual context. That’s your choice and that’s great and we don’t want to take that away from you. All we want to do is have another, separate discussion, that we don’t see quite as much, and explore that and have fun with that or get serious about that, all off on its own.’

      There’s a lot of respect in that attitude. The take-away point is that nothing needs to be diminished or censored to have that discussion.

      Whereas the tone of this article is purely judgemental, disrespectful and it has judged in the negative – the subtext is, “This is a bad thing, I don’t think it should exist, these people should be ashamed.”

      Yeah? Your opinion, buddy. An opinion which is an exclusionary and domineering, dictating what others should see or enjoy. Kind of the exact thing that real feminists advocate against. And I don’t think he sees the irony.

      • This is what happens when supporting equality becomes a trend and not a considered moral stance. You get people like Mike here, or those guys that everyone has at least one of in their Facebook friend list, who unbalance the discourse because they don’t actually understand what it’s about, and are just doing it because it gives them a bit of good feels and some social bonus points with other people who similarly don’t understand what it’s about.

        Equality is about creating equal opportunity, so that games like this have just as much right to exist and be celebrated by people who appreciate it as any other type of game. It is not now, nor has it ever been about reshaping all the pegs so they fit through the same hole.

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