This Is The Snazziest Pokémon Game Yet

Straight outta Germany, here's nine minutes of adorable new footage from Pokémon X. It's the latest entry in Nintendo's long-running animal abuse simulator series.

Shot by the folks at NTower, this footage shows how we'll prod and poke and battle creatures in Pokémon X, which comes out for 3DS in October alongside Pokémon Y. And for some reason watching this makes me want to play the whole game in German.


    Why not English?

      Background noise vs no background noise EDIT: that and the overall camera quality is better in this one.

      Last edited 23/08/13 2:38 pm

    i gotta admit, this is the most excited i've been about a new pokemon game for a long time (not counting the silver and gold remakes). it really looks like a huge step up from it's predecessors.

    Someone needs to clean that screen

    I find it interesting that the pikachus say their name like in the shows instead of using their 'cry' like the other pokemon seem to.

    This looks amazing. Definitely a must-buy for me even though I'm sure I'll still be busy with GTA V when Pokemon is released.

    I promised myself I wouldn't get another Pokemon game...

    I think I might break my own promise...

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